Crawl Space Encapsulation: Pros and Cons

Crawl Space Encapsulation: Pros and Cons

Buying a home is one of the best investments you and your family can make. It is not just a financial investment:

  • Purchasing a home is an investment in your family’s security. Each member knows they have a safe place to return at the end of a long day. 
  • Purchasing a home is an investment in your family’s happiness. Your home is the primary place your family will get to make memories together. 
  • Purchasing a home is an investment in your family’s future. Your home will be something to which your children can return even when they are grown. 
  • Purchasing a home is an investment in your family’s future generations. It will become a place where your children’s children will grow and make memories. 

Homeownership is not, however, always a positive experience. Homes require almost constant maintenance. Sometimes, it feels like one thing after the other has to be inspected, addressed, or repaired. 


Some necessary repairs can cost thousands of dollars. Some maintenance needs reoccur as often as every week or month. 

It’s not easy to keep up with everything your home needs. You’re already dealing with cutting grass and exterminating pests on an ongoing basis. Replacing air filters, repairing leaky faucets, cleaning out lint traps, and clearing gutters are already somewhat out-of-sight, out-of-mind until they lead to significant issues. 

When was the last time you thought about your crawl space? It’s probably safe to say if you’ve thought about it at all; it’s only because you had some kind of significant moisture issue, water damage, or pest infestation. However, a crawl space problem can lead to profound issues with your home and negatively impact your investment. 

Crawlspace encapsulation can help protect your family and your investment. Here’s what you need to know about encapsulating your crawl space. 

The Benefits and Potential Problems with Crawl Space Encapsulation

The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

There are many potential benefits of encapsulating your crawl space, including:

Reduce Moisture: Living in North Carolina means you’re acquainted with humidity. It’s not just outdoors; however, every home deals with the issue of humidity. Encapsulating your crawl space helps you solve any moisture problems which might develop. This promotes a long lifespan for the structure of your home, as well as protecting it from organic growth mold and mildew.

Improve Energy Efficiency: Your heating and air conditioning system is battling against temperatures and moisture. The more the air and moisture outside can get into your home, the harder your HVAC system has to work. 

Sealing your crawl space can help prevent the outdoors from entering your home. As a result, your HVAC system won't have to work as hard to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Over the course of your home's lifespan, this saves energy and lowers your heating expenses.

Improve Pest Prevention: Many pests enter your home from your unsealed crawl space. Others may just like to live in the environment under your home. Destructive wood-destroying insects like termites and carpenter ants thrive in moist environments like crawl spaces. However, when your crawl space is encapsulated, it virtually eliminates the factors that attract these pests. 

Add Storage Space: A sealed crawl space provides homeowners with usable storage space. Items stored under the home can be protected from the elements and accessed without homeowners having to fear the presence of multiple pests, rodents, and excess moisture. 

Potential Problems with Crawl Space Encapsulation

1. The Cost

There is, of course, a cost for encapsulating your crawl space. It is a cost you might not be anticipating, and because you don’t necessarily have to have it, you might not be immediately inclined to spend that money. However, if encapsulating your crawl space can prevent a termite infestation, the benefits are priceless. 

While it is certainly an up-front investment, crawl space encapsulation can help protect your investment and your family.

2. HVAC Upgrade

Airflow through your house could change once your crawl space has been encapsulated. Your HVAC system is designed to maximize efficiency for the space being heated and air-conditioned. Once you add something like a new room or crawl space to the area for which it's responsible, the existing system may no longer meet your needs.

In the months after your crawl space encapsulation, if your home doesn't seem as warm or cool as it once did, you may need to upgrade your HVAC system to ensure your comfort.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in North Carolina

The team at Rid-A-Bug Exterminating is committed to providing the highest quality, fastest, and most thorough pest extermination possible throughout the foothills and piedmont of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. 

We also want to make sure you don’t have to deal with those pests returning if you can avoid it. Moist environments allow for organic growth, mildew growth, and wood rot and increase the likelihood of termite and pest infestations. 

Making your house more energy-efficient may help you save money, and encapsulating your crawl spaces can save your heating and cooling bills by up to 18% annually! Encapsulating your crawl space protects your family safer by enhancing interior air quality, which reduces allergens and improves breathing clarity.

When we waterproof and close crawl spaces, we will create a dry environment that is not conducive to mold, mildew, or pests. This process is a long-term solution for keeping pests out. We would love to answer your questions and help you experience all the benefits of crawl space encapsulation. If you want more information about crawl space encapsulation, call us today to learn more at 1-800-682-5901!