Exterminating Wasps in the Carolinas and Virginia Living in the Carolinas and Virginia is the only place many of us would call home. Our region is far enough south to enjoy mild weather, but north of the extreme heat typically experienced by the Deep South. Even if you do not live on the coast, you are never more than a day’s trip from the beach. Piedmont and Foothills residents enjoy Blue Ridge Mountain views without having to deal with the harsh High-Country winters. You are never more than a short drive from a number of activities, including:

  • Wineries and stunning event venues
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway and thousands of miles of hiking trails
  • Skiing and snowboarding venues that often double as downhill mountain bike parks
  • Greenways and rail-to-trail cycling areas 
  • Boating and water sports in lakes and rivers from the mountains to the coast
  • Metropolitan cities and historic small towns

The one minor inconvenience for area residents is the existence of pests. One such pest that plagues southern residents is the wasp. Fortunately, Rid-A-Bug is here to help you battle against wasps, hornets, and other mean flying pests. 

Exterminating Wasps in the Carolinas and Virginia 

The wasp is closely related to bees and ants, but they behave differently in that they do not form a clade with a common queen. Yellow Jackets and hornets are considered types of wasps. They might appear in a variety of colors; however, they share similar characteristics, such as a long abdomen and long, thin wings. The most concerning fact about wasps is that they are protective and sting when provoked. Wasp stings can be especially painful, but many Carolina and Virginia residents are allergic to their venom, so a sting can result in a person suffering from anaphylactic shock. 

Wasp nests will typically appear clinging to the eaves of your roof, or wherever there is a shady space for them to build their homes. They will likely appear white or grey and contain numerous stinging machines. You can purchase wasp spray from the outdoor and garden sections of your local store. It will shoot a stream of poison upwards of twenty feet. However, angry wasps may evacuate in haste and sting you before they succumb to the poison. Furthermore, wasp nests may hide in unexpected crevices of your home’s outdoor areas such as storage closets, grill lids, low tree limbs, screened porches, deck rails, and other areas. If you suspect you have a wasp problem, contact Rid-A-Bug as soon as possible. In most cases, we can send your wasps packing in less than 24-hours.