ants 2It may begin with just a few ants scuttling along the floor. At first, it does not seem so bad. You just remove them and continue life as usual. Then, sometimes seemingly all at once, there are hundreds, even thousands of ants crawling all over your house. They appear to be moving along an ant highway through narrow crevices in your home’s exterior.

No one likes ants in their home or office, but pest infestations are a reality of owning property in the Carolinas and Virginia. Don’t worry, Rid-A-Bug has the experience and expertise to rid your home or business of your ant problem, often within 24-hours.

Ant Infestation and Extermination

Your ant infestation likely began as a few scouts who found something within your home or office worth reporting to their colony. Ants may be attracted to a number of things, including:

  • Spilled food, especially sweets
  • Water from leaking pipes or humidity
  • Some indoor house plants
  • The foam inside some computer equipment
  • Safe nesting spaces within your home or office

If ants find something worthy of bringing back to their nest, they will leave pheromones that become the trail of ants you may be seeing parading in and out of your building. It does not take a lot of the things that attract them to bring and infestation into your home. Each colony can hold millions, so they are always on the lookout for the very things they would find in any home or office.

With over 50 years of experience, we have grown to be able to rid almost any pest or insect from your property, including ants. If you have an ant problem, contact Rid-A-Bug today to have them removed quickly and thoroughly, before the problem escalates.