Destructive Woodworms and How to Get Rid of ThemPests are a nuisance. From creepy-crawly spiders to the marching madness of ants, no one wants to see pests in their home. However, some pests are more than just annoying, they are destructive to your home and can cause the kind of damage that leads to expensive repairs. Woodworms are the kind of pests that you want to have eradicated immediately before they have had time to do significant damage to wood in your home.

Destructive Woodworms and How to Get Rid of Them

Woodworm is beetle larvae that eat and boor into wood, creating holes and reducing the integrity of wood in your home. They may show little in the way of signs of their presence till they have done considerable damage. Your best chance of identifying woodworms is to look for any potential indication of their presence, including:

  • Holes in your home’s woodwork that look similar to holes in a dartboard. These might be easily mistakenly associated with carpenter ants.
  • Soft spots in wooden flooring and walls
  • A powdery substance known as frass near the holes
  • Adult beetles seemingly multiplying in and around your home
  • Excess moisture in and around the holes and damaged wood

If you have signs of woodworms, you need to act immediately. They can create a significant amount of damage in a short time. Rid-A-Bug can respond to your call about woodworms within 24-hours in most cases, exterminating them so that you can avoid even costlier repairs. Rid-A-Bug will also help you identify potential sources of your woodworms, so you can help make sure they do not come back. Contact Rid-A-Bug for professional woodworm extermination.