raccoonNuisance wildlife like rodents, raccoons, and snakes can easily find their way into your home. While these unwanted critters are not welcome, that doesn’t stop them from coming in uninvited. Sharing your home with wildlife and pests means exposure to diseases, stenches, and damage to your home and wiring. Even though you may not see them, there’s a chance they could be hiding. These pesky creatures put your family, your pets, and your property in danger. 

While wildlife varies according to your home, neighborhood, and the times of the year, the most common wildlife found in Advance, NC area include:

  • Rodents
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • And many more

Signs of a Wildlife Infestation

You will likely not find these types of animals just wandering around your kitchen or living area; that doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding somewhere. These types of animals are likely to be found in quiet, undisturbed areas such as your basement, attic, backyard, or garage. Wildlife can contaminate food, spread germs and disease, and also destroy the electrical wiring and insulation of your home. Some of the most common signs of a wildlife infestation include:

  • Scratching noises coming from your walls or attic
  • Rustling noises coming from under your home or deck
  • Garbage cans turned over and trash scattered around
  • Urine stains on ceiling or floors
  • Feces dropping around your home
  • Strong odor in certain areas
  • Wood chips or gnaw marks on electrical wiring or walls

How To Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

1. Keep your kitchen and living area free from food and crumbs.

Besides shelter, all wildlife is looking for a food source. Be sure to regularly vacuum and sweep your floors, and keep the garage free of food or trash. 

2. Keep food securely covered and stored.

If these pesky critters are looking for food, make sure there isn’t any easy access for them too. Secure your pantries, drawers, and cabinets. Any food that is stored in these areas should be covered and hard to access. This also applies to properly storing dog and cat food too. 

3. Properly cover garbage, and don’t let it sit. 

Your inside and outdoor garbage bins should be covered with a lid. Make sure it is always covered to prevent pests and animals from digging in your trash and leaving a mess. 

4. Repair holes and cracks in your home.

Smaller wildlife use holes and cracks as easy entryways to enter your home. Snakes and rodents can fit their bodies into a hole the size of a quarter. Be sure to seal any holes and cracks in your home, especially near the entry and exit points. 

5. Keep your entire home clean and landscape in good shape.

Leaving behind crumbs and food sources in areas like behind appliances, pantry shelves, and places you can’t visibly see can be reached by wildlife. Regularly clean your home, even the areas that are difficult to reach. Wildlife love to be in unkempt yards because it provides shelter and protection. Mow your grass to avoid critters like snakes hiding in the tall grass. 

Let Rid-A-Bug Handle Your Wildlife Problems

Wildlife can be extremely dangerous because of diseases and potential attacks on your family and pets. We don’t recommend trying to handle a wildlife problem yourself. If you suspect a wildlife invasion in your home, contact our local professionals in Advance, NC. We offer same-day emergency services to humanely remove your wildlife problem as fast as possible.