termites 2At Rid-A-Bug in Cornelius, NC, we focus on eliminating the conditions and sources of pest infestation outside your home, so pests don’t get inside in the first place. Not only are we the best pest control company in Cornelius, but we’re committed to total customer satisfaction. 

Rid-A-Bug is proud to provide accurate, honest WDIR reports from our licensed, professional inspectors in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

Pest Control Services in Cornelius, NC

Termites are always active and can get into any type of home. Our termite control treatments protect your home from all types of termites and wood-destroying insects. 

We start with a thorough inspection of your home and then provide the termite treatment that’s right for your home. You can count on Rid-A-Bug experts to protect your Cornelius home. 

What is WDIR?

WDIR stands for “wood-destroying insect report,” relating to the purchase process of the home. Trained and licensed inspectors will go out to see if there are any signs of wood-destroying insect damage which can weaken the structure of the home over time. 

Most importantly, the WDIR is for the structural integrity of the home. When selling or buying a home, it’s key to have several property checks carried out. These include structural, electrical, plumbing, and wood-destroying insect inspections. 

A WDIR is highly recommended since wood-destroying insects include termites, powderpost beetles, and carpenter bees, which can be found in most states in the U.S. Many lending institutions require this type of inspection before giving you a mortgage. The WDIR is a written inspection report that answers two primary questions:

  1. Is there any evidence of a wood-destroying insect infestation?
  2. If so, is there evidence that the infestation has been treated previously?

North Carolina defines an infestation as any evidence of wood-destroying insects. Any evidence found is ruled as an infestation.

WDIR Process in Cornelius, NC

The process of buying a new home is time-consuming. We want to make the process easier for you to get your home inspected for wood-destroying insects. 

Our exterminators offer same-day service to help ensure any potential problems are quickly found. We will provide a report directly to you detailing the findings of the inspection.

 If we find wood-destroying insects, a contractor can be hired to repair any damage made by them. After a contractor has repaired any problems, we will return to the home for a follow-up inspection. 

We will thoroughly check the home again and let you know if all problems have been resolved. Give us a call or fill out the WDIR request form on our website.