Squirrel RemovalIt is almost like a horror movie – one minute you are sleeping peacefully, the next you wake to hear the sound of tiny footsteps scuttling across your ceiling. Squirrels are incredibly adaptive and have learned that the attic of your home can be a warm, safe place to live. They have powerful teeth and can chew through wood and aluminum to enter your home and make their beds. Squirrels breed twice per year and often make their nests in attics to raise their young. They can cause damage to your home and like mice and rats, chew through wires, creating a hazard for you and your family.

Rid-A-Bug is licensed and equipped to humanely remove wildlife like squirrels.

You may not know for sure if you have squirrels, but the signs include:

  • You can hear something above you running and sometimes squeaking
  • You see droppings that appear similar to bat droppings
  • You see evidence of damage in your attic
  • You see signs your shingles have been chewed
  • You smell strange odors or see urine marks on your ceiling
  • You find evidence of their nests in your attic

If you have squirrels, there is no need to panic, or sell your home and run away. Squirrels can be removed humanely and relocated away from your home. If you have squirrels or other wildlife living at your home or office, Rid-A-Bug can help. Contact us for more information and a quick response to your squirrel problem. We can help you relocate your furry foes in less than 24-hours in most instances.