black racer snakeNorth Carolina and Virginia are known for their stunning scenery and brilliant people. From innovative agriculture to some of the premier universities in the nation, there is a lot of intelligence throughout every county in our region. Residents of this area are treated to mild weather with all four seasons bringing a new display of color and variety of conditions. Property owners have three seasons to plant flowers, gardens, crops, and enjoy their outdoor spaces. There is a lot of opportunity for front porch sitting and back deck grilling throughout the year. 

No area is perfect. There is more to love about the piedmont and foothills of North Carolina and Virginia than not; however, we do have a variety of pests and, of course, snakes. The good news is, the team at Rid-A-Bug Exterminators is here to help get rid of the creepy crawlies and humanely remove wildlife such as snakes.

What to Do About Snakes in Your Home and on Your Property

There are several types of snakes in the Carolinas and Virginia. Depending on your precise location, you may see more of one kind than another. In western North Carolina and southwest Virginia, there are only two venomous snakes: The Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. Of the two, you are most likely to find copperheads on your property. If you are farther east, you may also have a few Cottonmouths that can be quite dangerous. Other snakes you will find in this area include:

  • Black Rat Snake
  • Black Racer
  • Garter Snake
  • Scarlet Snake
  • Ribbon Snake
  • Rough Green Snake 
  • Eastern King Snake
  • Brown Snake

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While most snakes are not venomous, many can still pack a mean bite and be startling when property owners find them unexpectedly. Common areas in and around your home to find snakes include:

  • In crawlspaces and basements
  • In attic spaces
  • In pantries and under appliances
  • In and around rock piles and woodpiles
  • In and around underbrush and shrubbery
  • In areas prone to small rodents

If you find a snake on your property, it might just move away. However, if you find snakes in the same areas repeatedly, they may have set up shop and need to be relocated. Snakes in basements, crawlspaces, and attics can be difficult to identify, and therefore, dangerous to remove on your own. If you have a snake problem, get in touch with the team at Rid-A-Big Exterminating. We are here to help remove wildlife, including snakes, in a humane manner. We typically respond to calls within 24-hours.