Rid-A-Bug is proud to provide accurate, honest reports from our licensed, professional inspectors.

What Is a WDIR Inspection?

This is a report that only qualified inspectors may execute. It is completed, by law, on all residential and commercial properties being sold or refinanced. It takes special note of any signs of visible infestation by wood-destroying insects, including:

Rid-A-Bug is skilled and licensed to perform these reports in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

The WDIR includes 5 sections:

  • Section 1: Basic information, including buyer’s name, seller’s name, and property location.
  • Section 2: Area for the inspector to list any sections of the property that were not inspected, due to inaccessibility.
  • Section 3: Specific notes on any visible wood-destroying insects and/or evidence that may have been observed at the time of inspection. Where the visible infestation is located (if any), and whether or visible evidence of an infestation which now appears to be inactive.
  • Section 4: This checkbox is only checked if no visible evidence of wood-destroying insects was observed.
  • Section 5: Area for the inspector to note if there are any areas that seem particularly favorable for subterranean termites.

What’s Included in a WDIR

The inspector will examine the homes(s) and/or building(s) in question for visible evidence of past or current infestations, by the above listed wood-destroying insects. We follow the five areas of the report, making notes of our observations.

The inspection is performed solely on easily accessible areas of the property, including those that are attached to the house, such as attic, permanent decks, porches, or garages.

We are inspecting for visible infestation signs such as mud forage tubes and/or stains, chewed wood, discarded wings, wood dust, and, of course, actual insects.

What Isn’t Included in a WDIR

Inspection is not included in areas that are not physically accessible. This would include crawl spaces less than 12” tall, or behind walls. 

It is also customary not to include detached structures, such as sheds, detached garages, outbuildings, and the like unless otherwise noted. 

Rid-A-Bug inspectors are also careful not to make speculations regarding areas that are not visible. We conduct this inspection with expertise and professionalism. While this report is not a guarantee, it is reported with honesty and integrity, always.

If you are a home buyer or a real estate agent, this is an important report with which to become familiar.

What Happens After the Inspection?

Once the inspection is complete, we complete the WDIR. We disperse this to all necessary parties, including proper documentation.

If any visible wood-destroying insect activity is discovered, we can also design and execute a plan to alleviate the problem. 

If you have any questions regarding the WDIR, please feel free to contact us.


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