residential moisture control If you’ve spent any time in North Carolina, you’re probably accustomed to the humidity. However, as a homeowner, you should take into serious consideration moisture in the air and, more importantly, moisture in your home. Moisture is important for the longevity of your home as well as the quality of life for everyone who lives there. 

That being said, moisture control is something to think about as a homeowner planning the future, in order to keep your home and family safe for years to come. 

How Does Moisture Control Affect Your Home?

Moisture control aids in preventing outside factors from having a negative impact on the air quality within your home. Excessive humidity and abrupt temperature fluctuations can lead to unwelcome condensation in spaces that are not effectively sealed and can be reduced with moisture control. 

Small, enclosed, and less frequently visited portions of the house, like crawl spaces, can be overlooked. While the living spaces in most homes are well insulated, a humid crawl space can lead to damage and poor quality air throughout the entire house. 

You can ensure that these areas, as well as your entire home, benefit from the many advantages of crawl space encapsulation. Moisture control also takes care of issues like leaking pipes or condensation accumulation that may be introducing unwelcome levels of moisture into your home.

 Why Moisture Control Is Important to Your Home

When deciding whether to invest in moisture control, homeowners should first think about the lifespan of the house. When temperatures drop, moisture in the air will condense and collect wherever it happens to be, which can cause damage to the home’s structure. 

Over time, moisture’s impact can degrade wood, along with things like insulations, and it can become a haven for mold and mildew, which will lead to deterioration in the wood and pose a health risk for home inhabitants. Moisture often results from improperly sealed gaps and serves as an open invitation for further issues.

It also attracts moisture-loving pests like termites, spiders, cockroaches, and many others that can easily spread from these areas throughout the entire house. With the help of Rid-A-Bug’s moisture control approach and encapsulation solutions, you will have a clean, moisture-resistant crawl space that won’t encourage decay, unpleasant odors, or pest problems. 

 Crawl Space Encapsulation Services Clemmons, NC

In addition to preventing mold and mildew from developing, we waterproof and close crawl spaces to create a dry environment. Our encapsulation service will make sure that your most vulnerable areas are built to last and will prevent humid crawl space from being a termite or mold breeding ground. 

If you are a homeowner in Clemmons, North Carolina, and are concerned your crawl space has unwanted moisture, contact Rid-A-Bug for more information.