raccoons opossumsThe Carolinas and Virginia are unapparelled in beauty and natural wonder. From the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the rolling hills of the foothills and Piedmont, down to the wide-open spaces of the Coastal Plain and the dunes and clear water of the Chesapeake Bay and Outer Banks, there is a lot to see and explore throughout our region. We also have a diverse collection of wildlife including deer, snakes, black bears, rodents, aquatic life, and so much more. You can travel to many nearby wildlife refuges, national and state parks, and often your own backyard to spot some of these animals.

Unfortunately, sometimes wildlife decides to be less wild and try to make their beds in your home. While some might see it as an opportunity to keep a cuddly wild pet around, generally speaking, your house is not a safe home for the wildlife. Furthermore, wild animals can cause damage to your property and threaten your family. They should be humanely removed as soon as possible. 

Two of the most misunderstood wild creatures that might inhabit your home are raccoons and opossums. If you have either in your attic, crawlspace or somewhere in your house, Rid-A-Bug is here to help. Call us to have them safely and humanely relocated

Relocating Raccoons and Opossums from Your Home in the Carolinas and Virginia

Raccoons are typically thought of as conniving trash thieves; however, they are actually intelligent and clever. They are the largest of the procyonidae family and have a thick coat that helps protect them against the cold.

Opossums are the largest marsupials in North America. Though there their appearance might be off-putting, and their occasional growl unsettling, their diet consists of things we typically do not like, such as ticks. It is also extraordinarily rare for them to carry rabies.  

Both animals pose little threat to humans outside, but no homeowner wants to allow them to become housemates. It is better for you and the wild animals to be relocated from your home. If you are dealing with wildlife in your home, our trained professionals can help. We have years of experience professionally and humanely removing these critters. Our staff is trained in the humane removal of all types of unwanted wildlife. If you have unwanted critters in your home, please give us a call today 1-800-682-5901!