Moth ManagementAs winter transitions to spring in the Carolinas and Virginia, residents are treated to a marvelous display of color. From wildflowers to old-growth trees, nature puts on a show throughout our region just as temperatures warm and home and business owners begin opening windows and doors. It is the perfect time of year for rocking on the front porch or grilling on the deck. You can take a hike, go four-wheeling, or mountain biking by day and still sit by the fire in the evening. Eventually, it is going to be hot and humid, with mosquitos buzzing and ticks crawling, but for a few weeks, you can get outdoors with relatively few pests. By summer, it is time to call the exterminator and break out the bug spray. 

When you think about pests in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia you probably picture flies, roaches, mosquitos, ticks, ants, termites, and spiders. However, you may not think of moths as particularly harmful to your home and property. They do not bite like mosquitos and ticks or seem as creepy as roaches and spiders, but they can make a mess of your fabrics and cause expensive damage. If you have a moth invasion, you need the experts at Rid-A-Bug Exterminating

Exterminating and Controlling Moths in the Carolinas and Virginia

Moths can be annoying when you open the door on a summer evening, and they swarm past you to fly to the first light fixture they see. They are a nuisance when you are trying to enjoy your deck or porch late in the day, and you find them flopping around in the morning, having snuck in at night. However, moths can actually cause a significant amount of damage. Unfortunately, you often do not know you have a moth problem until you find holes in your fabrics. Knit clothing like wool and cashmere, as well as silk, will be targets for moths. 

You might find their larvae or feces in and around your clothing. There are some moths that damage rugs and carpet, while others do their work in your pantry. Whether you see the adult moths or see signs of their damage, if you have them, you need them exterminated as soon as possible. 

Rid-A-Bug has been helping home and business owners control and exterminate moth infestations for nearly fifty years. We respond to most calls within 24-hours, so if you have a moth problem, give Rid-A-Bug a call as soon as possible.