joro spiderJoro spiders are an invasive species of Golden orb-weaver spider that was first discovered in North Georgia in 2014. However, it’s unknown how Joro spiders arrived in the United States, but it’s assumed their appearance was accidental through commerce and hitchhiking in shipping containers from overseas. 

Since their discovery in the United States in 2014, the Joro spider’s population has increased in areas in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. But the real question is whether or not they are dangerous?

Are Joro Spiders Dangerous?

Joro spiders are venomous, yet they pose no danger to humans. The reason is that Joro spider fangs are incapable of piercing human skin, and they are often reluctant biters. Joro spiders will often attempt to bite only if they are threatened or disturbed. In fact, these spiders are only seen as a nuisance to humans.

What Does a Joro Spider Look Like?

Adult female Joro spiders are large and brightly colored, with vivid yellow and gray-blue bands and patterns on both their upper and lower abdomens. Silvery and golden hairs cover the cephalothorax, and the legs are black with yellow bands.

The size of this spider is perhaps its most noticeable feature. Female body length can reach 1 inch, while leg span can reach 4 inches. Male Joro spiders are substantially smaller and less vibrantly colored than females. Their body length is approximately 0.3 inches, and they are more dark brown in hue.

How Are Joro Spiders Moving to Virginia?

Joro spiders can travel by hitching with humans or by ballooning. When freshly hatch, spiderlings climb as high as they can, stand on their legs, and release silk threads from their spinnerets. These silk threads will be swept up in the air currents and travel with the wind as a parachute. 

Depending on the species and other environmental circumstances, ballooning can carry spiderlings hundreds of miles away. According to several predictions, the Joro spider will be relocated to surrounding states no more than 80 miles from where it was discovered. So far, that equates to about 8-10 miles every year.

Is Pest Control Necessary for Joro Spider?

The Joro spider is a nuisance pest that doesn’t pose a serious risk to homeowners and the need for pest control management. If Joro spiders and their webs are located on or near a structure, they can be easily removed with a broom or a cobweb cleaning brush. 

However, preventing spiders is a good idea to ensure that a spider infestation in your home is handled effectively using a pest control solution. Rid-A-Bug has the knowledge and experience to inspect your property for Joro spiders and other varieties of spiders, as well as create a pest control plan tailored to your specific needs.

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