The Carolinas and Virginia are rich in wildlife diversity. From squirrels and rodents to snakes and opossums, you can find it all right outside your door. However, when those animals find their way into your home, it can cause a real headache. Besides the inconvenience of waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of skittering squirrels or finding that mice have been snacking on your pantry goods, indoor wildlife can wreak havoc inside your home. They can chew wires, damage walls and rafters, leave behind stains and stenches from waste, and spread disease. 

It is better for you and the wild animals to be relocated from your home. If you dealing with wildlife in your home, our trained professionals can help. We have years of experience professionally and humanely removing critters, including:

Our staff is trained in the humane removal of all types of unwanted wildlife. If you have unwanted critters in your home, please give us a call today 1-800-682-5901!

Emergency Wildlife Response

Do you have a wildlife emergency at your home or office? Call Rid-A-Bug at 1-800-682-5901 for a quick response and effective wildlife management. Don't waste any time; we will make it a priority to get out there as quickly as possible for the humane removal of whatever nuisance wildlife is causing the problem.