Fox Management A big part of the appeal of living in the Carolinas and Virginia is the abundance of natural beauty and the diversity of plant and animal life. Wildlife certainly enriches our ecosystem - and our views when you catch sight of serene deer or playful squirrels. But some critters are not so enjoyable when they get up and move into your yard, outbuildings, or even your home. Foxes are an increasing nuisance for many homeowners, and in some circumstances, they can be dangerous. If you’re dealing with a fox, contact the specialists at Rid-a-Bug today. 

Rid-A-Bug’s Wildlife Management Services 

Foxes typically hunt and travel alone, not in packs like many other canine species. If they have young, then they live in small groups, called a “leash of foxes” or a “skulk of foxes.” In the wild, foxes are typically curious, timid, and shy. However, if they feel cornered or trapped, they will defend themselves.

This makes them a potentially dangerous animal to deal with in residential areas. If you scare them (they really are more afraid of you then you are of them), they will most likely try to flee. If they cannot, they will fight. They are also known to be playful, even with domestic cats and dogs. If there is a scuffle, your pet is at risk - and foxes may carry diseases that can be transmitted to your pets via contact with urine or feces (cases of fox-to-human transmission, though, are virtually non-existent and rabies is quite rare too).

In addition, as omnivores, foxes eat everything. If you have a backyard chicken coop, small pets, gardens, animal feed, or trash cans, they’ll eat whatever they can get. If they burrow under your home to build a den, they may also disturb or damage plumbing and/or electrical lines.

Bottom line: foxes are nuisances, and they need to go. Rid-a-Bug’s experienced staff is trained in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife. If you are dealing with a fox problem, do not hesitate to contact us. We make it our top priority to provide fast - effective - service.