fleaWe all know that fleas can infest our pets, but did you know that fleas can also infest your home? Fleas can bite humans just as easily as they do pets. 

Flea invasions can be avoided, but flea extermination in your home may be required if an infestation occurs. If you believe you are at risk of flea infestation, contact us to schedule an inspection.

How Do Pets Get Fleas?

An adult flea can jump up to 7 inches and crawl, making pets vulnerable to flea infestation due to their proximity to the ground. Flea eggs tend to fall off infected animals when they scratch themselves, landing all over the place. Fleas can infest any animal that comes into contact with an infected area.

An outdoor area that is warm and humid is ideal for fleas to develop unhindered. Even if your pet spends the majority of its time outside, eggs can be tracked indoors and thrive in carpeting, bedding, or another pet in the house. This is why flea removal treatments aim to eliminate both adult and egg fleas.

Signs Your Pet Might Have Fleas

There are a number of signs that indicate that your dog or cat has fleas. You may notice the following symptoms:

  • Excessive scratching or biting
  • Dry skin
  • Irritated ears
  • Scabs or red sores
  • Tapeworm (white rice-like pieces) in pet feces
  • Dark specks of dried blood

Fleas become more of a problem as the weather warms. As the spring and summer seasons approach, keep a close eye on your pet to see if he or she is scratching more than usual. 

Fleas are easily transmitted by other pets, small animals, and even grass. Fleas may leave tiny red bites on your skin or your pet. These tiny bites are frequently itchy and can be irritating.

How Often Should I Schedule a Flea Inspection?

Homeowners without pets are less likely to have a flea infestation. This, however, is not always the case. Fleas can sometimes be found in crawl spaces, under outbuildings, and even attics. And, as fleas proliferate, they search for suitable hosts.

We can assist you in determining the most appropriate inspection solution for your home. Keep in mind that fleas are not limited to household pets. 

We can arrange for quarterly inspections, treatments, and long-term pest control solutions. An annual insect inspection is a sufficient defense for the majority of homeowners.

Rid-A-Bug Flea Control Services

Fleas can quickly spread throughout a home. To prevent a major infestation, professional flea treatment is needed. A flea exterminator will know exactly what steps to take to get rid of the pests in every room of your house. Rid-A-Bug's flea control technicians have years of experience in quick and effective removal techniques. 

Our exterminators will prioritize your family's safety and will only use non-hazardous methods. Rid-A-Bug's professional flea control service promises to have your home pest-free in no time. For more information, contact us today