RID fleas 2People love their pets. Pets are truly furry family members for western North Carolina and Virginia residents. It is common to see families exploring some of the great outdoor attractions in our area such as Stone Mountain, the Virginia Creeper Trail, the New River Trail, Pilot Mountain, Hanging Rock, and many others. People travel to those locations without their furry friends. In Wilkesboro, Mount Airy, Galax, Statesville, and Charlotte, dog parks are as popular as their human counterparts. 

If you have pets, you probably make sure they regularly visit your trusted veterinarian and that they are treated with flea and tick prevention. Nevertheless, there are fleas in our area, and they will likely find their way onto your pets. If they make it to your cats and dogs, they will find their way into your own. If they find their way into your home, they will be almost impossible to get rid of. If you have fleas, call the expert team at Rid-A-Bug to have them treated. 

Flea Extermination with Rid-A-Bug

Fleas are one of the most aggravating pests in our area. Fleas plague families for several reasons:

  • They make our pets miserable
  • They can actually bite us 
  • Home remedies seem powerless against fleas
  • Fleas bug our guests 
  • Fleas can come with us in our stuff 
  • They are embarrassing 
  • They multiply exponentially 

When you see your dog or cat itching abnormally, it is possible you will be dealing with fleas soon. Once fleas make your home their home, they are almost impossible to eradicate. They multiply more quickly than you can vacuum or remove on your own. That is why Rid-A-Bug exists, to help you get rid of fleas. Whether you have the first signs, or it seems they have completely taken over, you need us to send them packing. Contact Rid-A-Bug for fast flea extermination today