winter pests

“Cold kills pests.” 

“Winter means fewer insects, bugs, critters, and creepy crawlers.”

Sorry to bust these myths, but pest control is a must in winter. In fact, you may be experiencing an increase in pest-related problems as mice, rats, snakes, termites, fleas, and other unwanted intruders seek warm, dry shelter in your home or business. What do you do? Call the most trusted exterminators in the tri-state region for fast, effective service.

Rid-a-Bug is here when you need us - no matter what time of year. 

Pests Are a Year-Round Problem

It is true that cold does kill pests - but it has to be very, very cold! In Statesville, average daily temperatures dip down into the 50℉s during the day and the 20℉s at night. Unfortunately, most pests are able to withstand cold at this level. They typically burrow into the ground, hunker down in leaf piles, or work their way under tree bark to stay warm. They also use cracks and gaps to enter your home or business and make themselves comfortable. Fleas, for example, will not survive a stretch of weather that gets below 37℉ - but they will be quite happy inside. Mice and other critters are notorious for seeking shelter inside as the weather starts to turn.

The bottom line is that while pests don’t love the cold, they can survive it: specially if they barge in like the worst Airbnb guests in the world.

Rid-a-Bug understands that Statesville residents and business owners don’t want to share their space with pests. Give us a call: we pride ourselves on fast, responsive service. We’ll be right there to evaluate the situation and determine the most effective treatment plan for your specific needs.

Cold weather does not provide an effective answer to pest problems. Fortunately, Rid-a-Bug does. Contact us today.