bedbugWhen it comes to protecting your property against unwanted pests, you want to experience pest controls in Valdese, NC. For over 45 years, Rid-A-Bug has helped protect residential and commercial properties from unwelcome and unsanitary intruders. 

Valdese Pest Control, NC

Rid-A-Bug exterminates many types of pests, from ant control to termite control. We specialize in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of household invaders. Each treatment is curated to each customer’s needs, and each solution is backed by the Rid-A-Bug Guarantee. A number of different pests inhabit the Valdese areas, but your local Rid-A-Bug is well knowable in the behaviors these pests display. Here is a quick run-down of the pest-specific solutions we offer:

  • Termite Management
  • Pest/Insect Management
  • Mosquito Management
  • Bed Bug Management

Valdese Exterminators for Bed Bugs

We are certainly best-known for our excellent bed bug removal service, but also our pest control experts offer quality services that can help you with any residential pest control or commercial pest control problem you may be experiencing. 

We are aware of the traits of Valdese bed bug problems and look for signs when inspecting your property to determine specific bed bug infestations, evidence, and the situation in the area. As professional pest control experts, we know that bed bugs bite and multiply very quickly. Once we identify the infestation, we will carry out an ideal solution that treats bed bugs and leads to a complete bed bug extermination outcome. Furthermore, we conduct a bed bug exterminator treatment to also prevent bed bugs from returning after the infestation is resolved. 

Bed bugs hide in box springs and other fabric locations. They will leave bed bug bites all over you and bed bug eggs littered everywhere. When you see signs of bed bugs, you should immediately contact us for expert advice on bed bug control. 

Rid-A-Bug Extermination Services in Valdese, NC

When it’s time to get rid of bed bugs in Valdese, our Rid-A-Bug technicians assess your home, develop a plan, and provide continuous monitoring. Our treatments utilize the latest standard and technology to effectively help protect your home against current and future infestation. We find the root of the problem by targeting common hiding places and help prevent future problems with an effective initial treatment plan. 

If you’re experiencing a pest problem in your home, let Rid-A-Bug take care of business. We employ field experience with the latest methods and solutions to help ensure your comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services.