where bugs hide in your homeProtecting your Newland, NC home from termites and pests is an important step in preserving your home’s value and structural health. The average homeowner can expect to pay nearly $3,000 in repair damage caused by a single termite colony.

The best way to prevent these costly repairs is to call a top-rated exterminator such as Rid-A-Bug. 

Our pest control services for the Newland, NC area, will protect your home against invasions by termites and pests and help you retain your Newland, NC home’s value. 

Even if you have a current infestation, our exterminators can eliminate the problem quickly and safely and ensure it never returns. Pest control services in Newland, NC, vary in prices, effectiveness, and reputation, but you can rest assured our exterminators are the best choice for lasting results. 

Newland, NC Pest Control Services

If you have a current pest problem, you’ve probably looked into different types of treatments and methods. Among the most common are liquid barrier systems and baiting systems. Both are safe and effective pest control techniques. 

The liquid barrier system is a chemical treatment used on the home’s foundation, and pest entry points to exterminate pests on contact or slowly invade their nests over time. For termite prevention and treatment, experts use these advanced techniques to create a protective barrier around your home’s exterior. When termites tunnel through the barrier, they ingest the chemical and spread it to other termites in the colony. 

This method can be a very effective pest elimination system for your Newland, NC home. 

Another option is the baiting system which works by placing baiting stations. These baiting stations have the pest’s favorite food laced with a chemical that eliminates their nests and colonies. 

If you are worried about the safety of the termite treatment and pest control solutions for your Newland, NC home, contact a professional pest control company to do the job for you.

Common Pests in Newland, North Carolina

Rid-A-Bug Extermination | Newland, NC Pest Exterminating Services

Living in Newland, NC, you’ve probably noticed some of the most common pests in your region. Most certainly, you or someone you know has dealt with termites. Our pest services are among the most sophisticated and effective you’ll find in Western North Carolina. 

Whether it’s ants or termites, we will rid them from your Newland, NC home with our advanced treatment options. 

Our professional exterminators protect homes from all types of pests and experts in detection, treatment, and prevention. Call us today to learn more about our pest and termite treatment plans.