rodent proof winterWhen you have a pest problem in your Mt. Ulla, NC home, turn to the pest control company that’s been serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia since 1972. Whether you have a termite infestation, need bed bug treatment, rodents in your kitchen, or any other unwanted pests, contact our Mt. Ulla office today to schedule your inspection. 

Rid-A-Bug Mt. Ulla Pest Control Services

Mt. Ulla is home to a variety of pests, and these pests invade your living space; it becomes personal. At Rid-A-Bug, we start with a thorough inspection of your home for easy pest entry and exit points, as well as common pest food and water sources. 

After that, our professionals work to determine what pests are infesting your home to come up with a pest treatment plan. Our treatment plans are specifically crafted for your home and infestation to eliminate pest issues and prevent future pest infestations. We offer the following pest control services in Mt. Ulla:

  • Ant Extermination
  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Termite Management
  • Rodent Control Service
  • Pest/Insect Management
  • Mosquito Control Service
  • And More!

For help identifying the pest infestation you’ve encountered, visit our website for more information. 

Mt. Ulla Rodent Control Services

Rodents can slide inside small spaces and make their way into your Mt. Ulla home with ease. Seal openings closed using materials, including caulk, plaster, or cement. They seek food, water, and shelter that are essential for their survival. Rodents are attracted to outdoor spaces like open garbage cans, woodpiles, and scrap food. 

Make sure your garbage cans are tightly lidded, keep the area trash-free, and place woodpiles and lumber at least 18 inches from your home to prevent rodents from making a new home on your property. 

If you have already suspected rodents in your home, here are a few signs:

  • Dropping Found in CLusters
  • Scratching Noises, Especially at Night
  • Shred of Old Newspaper to Make a Nest
  • Gnaw Marks on Plastic, electrical Cables, and More

If you live in Mt. Ulla area and are looking for rodent control near you, then contact our trained professionals at Rid-A-Bug.

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Our professional Mt. Ulla exterminators and pest control specialists are about the safety of your family and home. That is why we carefully design customized pest control plans to suit your unique needs, keeping the safety of your family, pets, and environment our top priority. 

Whether you need a termite inspection, bed bug extermination, or a general solution for common pests, our pest control experts provide excellent service in Mt. Ulla and surrounding areas. Call us today to learn more about our pest control services