pest controlIf you have a home or property in Hiddenite, NC, you know how important it is to prevent pest infestations. Here are seven quick tips from a Hiddenite exterminator. 

Seven Pest Control Tips for Hiddenite, NC Residents

1. Keep Your Gutters Clean

To keep pests out of your gutters, remove debris that accumulates in your gutters and downspouts on a regular basis. For additional protection against pest infestations, install gutter guards to eliminate debris and moisture buildup. 

2. Good Garbage Practices

If you store household garbage in your garage or porch until curbside collection day, you may be inviting pests into your home. To keep from attracting pests like flies, ants, and cockroaches, choose a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid and regularly clean the garbage can once or twice a month. For even more protection, sprinkle a few tablespoons of Borax inside every bag to repel those pesky insects.

3. Make Plumbing Repairs

Pests need water as the main source to live. Check your drainpipe connection, water supply lines, and repair any leaks. You can also pass ventilation fans to humid bathrooms and laundry rooms to reduce moisture problems that attract pests.

4. Ensure Food Is Covered

The kitchen is the main source for all different kinds of pests. Make sure that all your pantry essentials are in BPA-free plastic containers with tight-locking lid. For extra measures to keep ants from crawling on your countertops, wipe down every surface with disinfectant wipes, clean up spills and crumbs, do the dishes, and clean the floors. 

5. Reduce Pest Hiding Spots

You might have spotted them out in the open, but they also have secret hiding spots you may not even know about. Some locations pests hide are on the ceiling, in furniture, under piles of paper, around molding and baseboards, in houseplants, closets, drains, and inside walls, just to name a few. Reducing these hiding spots by regularly cleaning can reduce the number of pests that are lurking in your home.

6. Clean Cluttered Storage Areas

Cluttered areas considerably increase the risk of pest infestation because it provides pests with a great hiding spot for breeding. Reducing clutter, cleaning, and organization is the most effective way to keep pests away.

7. Leave It to the Professionals

If you encounter a pest control problem, rather than trying to handle the infestation yourself, hire a professional pest control company like Rid-A-Bug to take care of those pesky problems. The benefit to hiring Rid-A-Bug is that their team is professionally trained to identify, locate the source of the infestation and eliminate the pests. With over 45 years of experience, we offer fast, dependable, and effective pest management. If you are a Hiddenite, North Carolina resident and suspect pest infestation, contact us today.