mothMocksville North Carolina is conveniently located between Winston-Salem and Statesville, along interstate 40. It is a growing community with a lot to offer beyond simply being a geographically appealing place to live. Incorporated in 1839, the town of more than 5,000 is the county seat of Davie County. Residents enjoy a bustling and beautiful downtown with excellent restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert spots, as well as excellent schools and parks.

If you are a home or business owner in the Mocksville area, there are a lot of amenities to love; however, like any town in the South, we deal with our fair share of annoying pests. Fortunately, if you have pest problems, Rid-A-Bug serves Davie County and has been doing so for almost 50 years. We are here to help.

Mocksville North Carolina

No one likes pests. Whether it's ants or mosquitoes or roaches, everyone thinks past our gross and uninvited guests in their home or business. However, they aren't just annoying, some can be destructive to your home or business and even bring disease. If you have termites, for example, and they are left unchecked, they could cost you thousands of dollars. If you own a business in Mocksville, and a customer spots a cockroach, it could damage your reputation and hurt your sanitation grade. Some of the pests we have experience exterminating include:

In addition to pest extermination, Rid-A-Bug can help you with wildlife that has started to make themselves at home in your home. Whether you have raccoons, squirrels, opossums, or snakes hanging around your house or business, we provide humane removal services. 

The team at rid a bug extermination has been helping Mocksville home and business owners exterminate those unwanted pests for many years and we have developed an exemplary reputation throughout the area. So, at the first sign of pass, give our team a call. We respond to most calls within 24 hours, so you can get back to enjoying life in Mocksville.