Taylorsville sees a lot of pest issues. Its geography helps tell you why. Alexander County lies in that area where the mountains just begin to give way to the coastal plains. These areas see both lowland and highland pests. That makes Taylorsville pest extermination services doubly valuable.


This sets up a nightmarish seasonal rotation of pests that include roaches, spiders, rodents, snakes, flies, wasps, and the list just keeps ongoing. Warm weather pests are driven into your home when it gets cold. Cold-weather pests are driven into your home when it gets warm. They all come inside when storms come through.


Worse yet, they feed on each other. An infestation of flies or midges will soon mean infestations of spiders and centipedes. Have mice set up shop in your home? Expect snakes on your property very soon. Let one pest infestation get established and predators will set up secondary infestations.


These areas are lovely places to live. We can wake up to clouds hovering around mountain ranges on one side and go eat lunch over a stunning valley view. Getting the best of both worlds does have a cost when it comes to pests. The same things that make it lovely – mountains, valleys, forests – all mean that extra care should be taken in pest prevention.


Luckily, pest management solutions don't just deal with the problem you have today. They help you identify problems that attract pests and need to be fixed. This doesn't just solve today's pest problem, it prevents tomorrow's as well. Small improvements in a home can make an incredible difference. This can mean closing down gaps where wiring comes in, fixing leaky pipes, re-caulking areas, moving your trash away from the side of your home, or even changing how you use mulch closest to the home. These are just a few examples that can completely change whether pests are drawn to your home or not.


Rid-a-Bug is proud to serve the Taylorsville area. We are easily accessible and focus on solutions that last so that the problem doesn't repeat. Environmentally friendly approaches are taken so that none of the beauty of your home and property is interfered with. Wood-destroying insect reports help you protect your home from insects that would chew straight through it. Every plan is developed to fit your home and your needs and requests.


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