Ashe County is one of the most unique places in North Carolina. Rolling hills and high mountains surround the towns and communities in the valleys where the wide fast-flowing creeks and rivers roll. On the banks of Big Horse Creek, Lansing is one of those small towns, but it has a big heart. You might not expect a one-stop-light community to have a large presence in western North Carolina; however, any given weekend you can find dozens of vacationers and campers throughout Lansing. With craft cider, excellent BBQ, and world-class pizza, visitors and residents have plenty to see and do. When they aren’t enjoying food and music, Lansing residents are making the most of the Lansing Creeper Trail park and mountain biking in many locations in the High Country. 

Lansing home and property owners know the value of their piece of Ashe County. Whether you live in Lansing full time or seasonally, or you have one or more vacation rentals in the area, you need an exterminator you can trust. Rid-A-Bug Exterminating is here to help you rid your home or vacation property from pests and wildlife safely and humanely. 

Lansing, North Carolina’s Trusted Exterminators 

Rid-A-Bug is a family-owned and operated company based in northwest North Carolina. For almost fifty years, we have been exterminating problem pests in the Lansing area and throughout southwest Virginia and South Carolina. We know the unique challenges Ashe County residents face, and the pests that drive them up the wall. 

Why should you trust your Lansing extermination services to Rid-A-Bug? We have the experience and expertise to control the problem pests in your home. Our pest and insect management services include:


It is not just pests that give Lansing residents problems, wildlife can sometimes see your home as if it is their own. Opossums, Raccoons, Squirrels, Mice, and other critters may see your attic, basement, or crawlspace as preferable to the outdoors. If you need to kick out these freeloading animals, you need a team who can relocate them humanely. Rid-A-Bug provides safe and humane wildlife removal services in addition to extermination. If you have a pest or wildlife problem, contact Rid-A-Bug today. We can get you a free estimate and usually take care of your issue within 24-hours.