antsIf you’re struggling with pest problems in Galax, VA, call in the pros today. We’ve seen every pest out there, and we will evict them from your home.

Whether they are creepy and crawly, stingy and winged, or slithery and slimy, the bottom line is that you do not want pests invading your house, wreaking havoc, destroying your property, and putting your family’s health and wellbeing at risk. Termites, bed bugs, rodents, wildlife, ants, roaches, beetles, fleas, ticks, and other uninvited guests can worm their way into your life and leave a trail of destruction. Rid-a-Bug is here to stop them in their tracks.

Pest Extermination Services Galax, VA

With decades of experience in pest removal, Rid-a-Bug Exterminating is fully licensed, insured, and holds multiple certifications from industry authorities, including the National Pest Management Association. As importantly, we are fully committed to ridding your home of pests. We treat your property like it is our own - and we do not want termites, carpenter ants, or snakes in there any more than you do. 

Our expert team utilizes the most effective methods for pest control in the industry, including, where necessary, LEED-certified treatments. We pride ourselves on our rapid response, and same day service is also available to our Galax, VA customers. We know how difficult it is to live with an infestation, and we want to address the problem and deliver peace of mind as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for the most effective extermination services in Galax, VA, you’ve found it. Contact us today - and breathe easier tomorrow.