Pest Extermination in Boone and the High CountryOne of the most unique small cities in the South, Boone, North Carolina, is known for its stunning beauty, fascinating culture, nature, music, and football. With the rise of Appalachian State University’s football program, the most prominent city in the High Country stopped being one of the best-kept secrets in the state. Though the area has grown rapidly in the last few decades, it has maintained the mountain-town charm that has attracted tourists since the early Twentieth Century. Today, visitors can find an eclectic mix of big-city amenities and small businesses. There is nowhere in the Carolinas and Virginia quite like Boone’s bustling King Street, surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in the Blue Ridge with some of the best food and shops on the East Coast. 

Just outside of town in any direction, you can find untouched wilderness, extensive hiking and mountain biking trails, camping, white water rafting, and a nature enthusiasts’ playground. From Boone, you can take the Blue Ridge Parkway south toward the famous Grandfather Mountain and Linville Falls or north toward Doughton Park and Stone Mountain. 

If you own a home or vacation property in the Boone area, you know that despite the coldest winters in the South, houses still have problem pests that need to be exterminated. That’s where Rid-A-Bug can help. We provide the High Country with the highest quality pest control services. 

Pest Extermination in Boone and the High Country

There is nothing that will spoil your Boone experience worse than an infestation of termites or other pests. In addition to being pesky, some bugs can do damage to your property that will lead to expensive repairs. You need help quickly, and Rid-A-Bug is the answer. When pests invade, we respond fast, typically within 24-hours. Our experienced technicians can identify and eradicate problem pests from your High-Country home. 

Whether you are dealing with destructive carpenter ants or aggravating spiders, Rid-A-Bug is the best call you can make. We are a family-owned and operated company based in northeastern North Carolina. We have over 45 years of experience in the Boone area. Contact us today, before your pest problem ruins your Boone experience.