spiderTens of thousands of people have moved to the Triad and Hickory in the last couple of decades. There are numerous reasons people from all over the country are choosing this region. Some of the reasons include:

  • An excellent job market with high-paying careers
  • Housing prices that are among the most competitive in the country
  • Outdoor activities, lakes, and beautiful drives
  • Pristine parks and beautiful golf courses
  • Charming neighborhoods and excellent neighbors

There are many wonderful amenities from which to choose in and near the Triad and Hickory. However, many new residents often still want a quieter pace of life. Surrounded by the foothills, Lake Hickory, and the Catawba River, Bethlehem, NC is the perfect location for people who want a peaceful neighborhood while still having access to urban areas. While the small town of Bethlehem has grown significantly in the last several years, it is still a charming, neighborly town with quick access to the Triad and Hickory.

If you own a home or business in Bethlehem, you need an exterminator you can trust. Insects and pests are a problem throughout the Carolinas in Virginia. Rid-A-Bug is here to help.

Pest Exterminator in Bethlehem, North Carolina

Some of the bugs that will bug you in Bethlehem include:

  • Spiders: There are numerous types of spiders, but only four kinds are venomous in North Carolina. Brown Recluses, Black Widows, Yellow Sac Spiders, and False Black Widows can pose a threat to your family.
  • Termites: These little guys will not hurt you, but the damage they do can wreak havoc on your wallet. Termites do billions of dollars to damage to homes across the country each year.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are among the most annoying pests in the region, but they are not just a nuisance. They often carry harmful diseases.
  • Roaches: Roaches can be found anywhere there is trash or crumbs. Even the cleanest home or business can be plagued by these disgusting critters.
  • Ants: They are so tiny but so aggravating. When you can’t seem to get rid of them, they will drive you bonkers. Plus, species of ants can actually even do some damage.
  • Many others: There are stink bugs, ladybugs, beetles, flies, and many other annoying pests in our area.

Bethlehem residents can count on Rid-A-Bug Exterminating for their pest control needs. We have the experience and know-how to exterminate your pass quickly. We want you to be able to enjoy life in the triad. If you have a bug problem in Bethlehem, contact Rid-A-Bug Exterminating for a fast and efficient response.