RID LP earwigHave you ever seen an earwig up close and personal? If you have not, you are lucky! If you have… you know that they look like creepy little predators out of a horror movie, especially with their intimidating pincers. Good news: they are not the “bad guys” from a Hollywood blockbuster. They are, in fact, rather harmless. Those pincers are used to grab food - not your fingers. Still, earwigs are a pest with whom you may not want to share your home. Rid-a-Bug’s experienced professionals are here to help you kick them out - and keep them out. 

Earwig Exterminators in North Carolina and Virginia

Earwigs are not venomous, nor do they sting. The big danger here is that they will attack your garden and houseplants. They also like to feed on moss, fungi, decaying organic matter (e.g. leaves, mulch, compost), and even greasy food leftover in the kitchen. Some are “predacious,” meaning they feed on other insects. 

While earwigs do not “bite,” their pinchers may scratch you if you come into contact with them. In this case, it’s best to wash the area thoroughly and apply an antibacterial cream, just as you would for any other type of scratch.

The good news is that earwigs are not social pests, like hornets or termites. You are unlikely to spot many of them together unless you have a very damp area, like a basement or outdoor space that is muddy. 

While earwigs are not as bothersome as other pests, this doesn’t mean you want to risk an infestation. Contact Western North Carolina’s most trusted extermination experts to rid your home and yard of earwigs for good. We utilize the industry’s most advanced techniques to ensure that your pest problem is eradicated effectively, quickly, and above all, safely.

Rid-a-Bug specializes in all manner of pests, helping you keep your home and yard free of unwanted guests. If you are dealing with earwigs, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.