how to handle flying ants homeRid-A-Bug proudly serves Davidson, NC, residents and local businesses with our pest control needs. From termite treatments and pest control to humane wildlife removal and management, we offer our full line of services to Davidson and the surrounding areas. 

A key part of protecting your property is preventing unwanted pests and animals from entering your home. Rid-A-Bug offers a routine treatment to keep your Davidson home protected against pesky intruders. 

Pest Control for Termites Near Me

Termites can enter your home in the smallest of cracks and destroy a home fast if not taken care of by a professional. They are always looking for something to eat and will most likely be your home’s foundation and wood materials. If you don’t have termites, then you still have time to protect your home from ever having them. Termites travel through the ground, digging tunnels, so even if your neighbor has termites, you are still at risk and could possibly get them too. Some signs you may have termites include hollowed or damaged wood, dry wood termite droppings, and mud tubes. 

Termites often are mistaken for ants, but they are completely different from each other. Unlike ants, termites are hard to control on their own because they never stop eating and reproduce to build huge colonies. In order to eliminate them, you need to attack the colony where thousands of termites are hiding and reproducing; however, there may be multiple colonies spread around your home. It’s best to leave it to the professionals because they will be able to eliminate termites from your property for good. 

Local Pest Control Company

Our company has a termite specialist that will go out within 24 hours of your call and inspect your home for termites. We use Termidor, a non-repellent that allows the termites to spread the treatment throughout their colonies for a quick and effective treatment. We have a specialized termite team that will make sure your termite problem is properly identified and eliminated from your home. Hire a local pest control company to rid yourself of termites. Give us a call or visit our website for more information about our services.

Other Local Pest Control Services We Offer in Davidson, NC

  • Pest/Insect Management
  • Mosquito Management
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Wildlife Management
  • Bed Bug Management

At Rid-A-Bug, we have different protection service options that allow our customers to have pest control and termite control at a reasonable price. If you have any questions, give us a call today or click to get a free quote on your termite protection and coverage. 

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