With the holidays in the rearview, the traveling season is slowing down, and life is returning to normal. Winter will begin in earnest, and many people will be looking forward to Spring. As people who love to get outside, many find this to be their least favorite time of year. 

But at least you can take solace in the fact that the bugs are gone, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly true. While many insects are somewhat less active during winter, other types of pests will specifically seek your warm and cozy home for shelter and food. One such pesky winter pest is the dreaded bed bug.

While many residents of the Carolinas and Virginia were looking forward to the chance for a white Christmas, most didn’t mind being able to fire up the grill and hang out on the deck during the most wonderful time of the year. We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the New Year. 

However, now that the holidays have come to an end, you are probably in the process of taking down decorations and deep cleaning your home following the hosting of Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings and loved ones. 

While you may not think of winter as a season for worrying about pests, no time of year is safe from creepy crawlies getting in your home. In this article, we are talking about some of the pests that show up after the holiday season. 

There is a lot of history in the Carolinas and Virginia. Some of the very first settlers landed in our area first. It makes sense to us why people would look around here and want to call this region home. From the stunning views in the Blue Ridge Mountains to the rolling foothills of the piedmont, our area is truly special. 

There are many old, historic towns and cities in northwestern North Carolina, the Upstate of South Carolina, and Virginia. From Rock Hill to Charlotte, Winston-Salem to Wilkesboro, and Mt. Airy to Galax, there are many gorgeous old homes and properties with plenty of life left in them. 

If you have purchased a home built decades ago, you know there are always a few unique characteristics. Unfortunately, it is easy to overlook issues, mistaking them as quirks. The presence of old house borers can be easily missed by homeowners. 

When you purchase a home, you know you want to make sure you protect it. When we think about the  potential threats to our homes, we picture big things such as:

  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters
  • Fires and floods
  • Burglars and home invaders
  • Aging roofing, HVAC units, and other big maintenance issues

One of the biggest threats to your home is also one of the smallest. Wood-boring beetles can wreak unseen havoc on your home, causing expensive structural damage, and reducing your property’s value. Powderpost beetles are one such wood-destroying insect of which you’ve never heard. In this article, we are discussing this damaging, unfriendly insect and what you can do about it. 

One of the amazing advantages of living in the Carolinas and Virginia is the opportunity to experience amazing North American wildlife right in our own backyards. Of course, we must proceed with caution when we view wild animals, but it is not uncommon to look out your window and see a herd of deer, rafter of turkeys, hummingbirds, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, or even a black bear.

While many homeowners set up feeders to attract pretty birds to their yards, people usually aren't trying to coax bears to their homes. There are some other animals that might not be so welcome on your property as well.

Sometimes, residents of the Carolinas and Virginia find themselves with wildlife freeloading in their attics and basements. Animal control, removal, and relocation are different from pest extermination.