Arachnophobia. The word may conjure memories of one of the more popular horror movies of the ’90s. The movie plays on one of the most common phobias in the world, the fear of spiders. One study revealed that 75% of people have at least some measure of fear when it comes to the eight-legged houses pests we all see far too often. While it might not be a fully developed phobia, chances are you among the many who do not like to see spiders. The question we want to answer in this article is: Why Are We So Afraid of Spiders?

They sure are nasty little buggers. Termites contaminate more than 600,000 homes in the US each year, and though very small, they can wreak havoc on your property. Termites cause billions of dollars in damages - and more than a few headaches. If you’re planning on selling your home, how does termite damage impact your resale value? A tiny pest… and a big question. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

The Carolinas and Virginia put on a marvelous display of color and beauty during October and November. It is one of the factors that attract tourists and new residents to our area every year. Though the weather is excellent throughout autumn, and generally drier than other times of the year, there is not really an off-season for rainfall east of the Mississippi. Tropical systems and nor'easters often bring enough rain to make up the difference in what would otherwise be a dry season.

Our area receives between 35 and 45 inches of rain each year on average. We had almost twice that amount in 2018 when multiple tropical systems dumped buckets of water during an already exceptionally rainy year. With heavy rainfall and plentiful humidity, homes in our area are prone to issues stemming from excess moisture.

Moisture will enter your home is through leaking pipes, wet basements and crawlspaces, roof damage, worn weather sealing, and malfunctioning heating and air conditioning. When rain and water enter your home, you can expect issues.

If you happen to live in Alaska, you can rest easy. Termites won’t be bothering you anytime soon. For those of us in the rest of the 49 states, these pests can wreak unbelievable havoc on our homes. Small but mighty, termites cause about $5 billion in property damage annually. Your share of that could be thousands - and it is not typically covered by homeowners insurance. When you can spot the signs of termite damage early, you can take proactive steps to keep them from munching away on your home. Better yet, you can learn how to keep them from setting up camp in the first place!

Fall is in the air. The days are shorter, the mornings are cooler, and the leaves are beginning to change colors in the Carolinas and Virginia. That means weekends spend watching and playing football, camping, and bonfires, and all enjoying all of what makes our area special during Autumn.

The one downside to fall in the South is the unwanted pests that seek shelter in your home during the season. In this article, we are discussing the most common fall pests and what do to about them.