By now, there is no denying that the pesticides we have reached for over the last few decades are harmful to ourselves, pets, and the environment. According to the CDC, 90% of Americans have traceable amounts of dozens of chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive issues, and neurological problems in our bodies. 

We have been asked frequently about the importance of choosing environmentally friendly pest control options. There are a lot of preventative measures you, as a homeowner, can take that are incredibly effective and have minimal impact on the health of the environment you live in. But what happens when you need professional help? 

Despite their large size and sometimes territorial behavior, carpenter bees are not considered dangerous to humans or pets. In fact, the bee you are most likely to have buzzing around your head while on the porch during spring and summer is likely male and unable to sting at all. 

Only the females of the species have stingers, and they tend to stay inside their bored tunnel nests. If they feel threatened, they will defend their eggs. So just don’t stick your finger inside one of their tunnel nests, and you will be fine. 

No one likes to find bugs in their homes. While many types of insects are nothing but just a nuisance, finding evidence of termites can be a costly stroke of bad luck.

Over the last few decades, we have all become more aware of the environmental impacts of how we live. The methods we use for pest management are no exception. 

Instead of reaching for a harsh one-size-fits-all can of pesticide, consider incorporating pest management into your home in an environmentally friendly way from the start. Your home is the environment you live in. Keeping it free of harmful chemicals helps protect your health.

Spring is almost in the air. We have already been treated to warmer than average temperatures throughout the month of February after enduring a harsh, cold start to the year. Now, it seems that winter might be releasing its grip, although we've been fooled before.

This is the time of year associated with cleaning and decluttering your home. You've spent all winter stuck inside, staring at all the things you've wanted to get rid of, and now it's warm enough to do something about the mess.