One of the amazing advantages of living in the Carolinas and Virginia is the opportunity to experience amazing North American wildlife right in our own backyards. Of course, we must proceed with caution when we view wild animals, but it is not uncommon to look out your window and see a herd of deer, rafter of turkeys, hummingbirds, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, or even a black bear.

While many homeowners set up feeders to attract pretty birds to their yards, people usually aren't trying to coax bears to their homes. There are some other animals that might not be so welcome on your property as well.

Sometimes, residents of the Carolinas and Virginia find themselves with wildlife freeloading in their attics and basements. Animal control, removal, and relocation are different from pest extermination. 

There are many types of pests in our area. As people travel for the holidays, they hope to avoid the nightmare scenario of returning to a house full of creepy-crawly insects. 

The thought of a house full of spiders, ants, flies, or bed bugs will make any homeowner shudder. No one wants to encounter any of these pests if they can help it. 

As frightening as the thought of finding your house to be full of spiders, there are some insects that are even scarier. Wood-Destroying Insects may not get the attention of some of the other more headline-worthy pests, but they deserve recognition. They pose a greater threat to your property than spiders or roaches and may reside in your home for years before you realize it. 

This is the most wonderful time of the year in the Carolinas and Virginia. Throughout our area, people are decorating their homes and yards for the holidays, and soon the entire area will be transformed into a Christmas wonderland. 

Goodwill and kindness have always been characteristic of people who live in our area, but you can expect it to be on display even more during this time of year. 

While our area is the perfect place to spend the holiday season, many families will find themselves traveling quite a bit. If you do travel, you want to make sure you bring back only what you took with you, plus, of course, the gifts you receive from friends and loved ones. 

You do not want to bring back any itchy, annoying pests. However, bed bugs are always looking for a ride home. 

If you own a home in the foothills, piedmont, or mountains of the Carolinas or Virginia, there is no shortage of benefits. You live within a relatively short drive of countless miles of hiking trails to explore. Our region has some of the premier mountain biking trail systems on the East Coast and world-class mountain climbing areas. 

If you enjoy water sports, you can float, fish, or kayak down many of the area’s rivers and creeks. When you’re not enjoying the outdoors, we have charming small towns and exciting cities like Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Boone, North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, Elkin, Mt. Airy, Galax, and Rock Hill. There is plenty to keep you and your family busy in the Carolinas and Virginia. 

With so much to do, you may find you are home just long enough to sleep and eat. Even if that’s the case, you still expect all your guests to check in with you before they call your house their home. 

Wood-boring beetles, however, are not courteous houseguests. They move in and take over without your permission. They can hide for years, do a lot of damage, and refuse to move out even if you ask. 

There are few possessions as important to a family as their home. We work for years to be able to purchase our dream house. Once we have it, we spend countless hours making it our own and filling it with memories. We know we need to protect it from potential problems, such as:

  • Burglars: We build fences and install security systems to prevent people from breaking into our homes. 
  • Weather: We watch the weather to make sure our homes won’t be impacted by high winds or flooding rain. 
  • Aging: We pay close attention to our aging appliances and systems. We make sure we replace our roofing before it begins to leak, our heating and air conditioning before it fails, and our deck boards before they become unsafe. 
  • Deterioration: We look for any sign that our paint is peeling or surfaces deteriorating and make sure we repaint and rehab the walls and flooring. 

One type of house-killers to which homeowners may not be as attentive is Wood Destroying Insects (WDIs). It is one thing to pay close attention to the big things, but how can you keep up with tiny pests? And how could something so tiny do that much damage? 

Unfortunately, termites, carpenter ants, and other wood destroying insects pose one of the most significant threats to your home. 


The team at Rid-A-Bug Exterminating has seen its share of destructive insects in the Carolinas and Virginia. Quickly identifying and exterminating WDIs is key to minimizing damage and protecting your home.