How many times have you heard yourself say ‘New Year, New Me? More times than you can count, right? Each year we make goals for the New Year in honor of a fresh new season, but how often do we end up keeping up with these goals and sticking to them? 

It can be difficult to really keep those resolutions, and unfortunately, many slip into our minds before January is over.

At the end of every year, the holidays await us and bring joy and connection with them, but sometimes they can also cause extra stress. Whether you are waiting for an important gift, entertaining guests, or hosting family members, we all know the holiday season has a lot going on. 

The last thing you should have to be worrying about is a surge of bugs attacking your home this winter. Sadly, this is the reality for many homes at this time of year, which see an influx of bugs trying to avoid the chilly temperatures outside. We want presents under the tree, not pests.

Shorter days, golden leaves and crisp mornings all signal the impending Christmas season. This is a very fun but often stressful time of year for families in the Carolinas and Virginia. 

Coordinating events and finishing a ton of shopping are both necessary, and the Christmas season wouldn't be the same without the occasional battle with crowds. However, when you’re home with your family, you might be able to steal a few moments of peace, calm, and rest. 

One of the time-honored traditions families look forward to is finding and decorating the perfect tree. From the day after Thanksgiving through December, residents of the mountains and foothills might see hundreds of cars with trees fastened to their roofs, soon to be wrapped in lights and covered in sentimental decorations. 

Many don’t even stop to ask if it’s possible that taking these trees inside your home might mean you’ll be taking other things inside your home, namely pests. In this article, we are discussing some of the pests to watch for in and around your tree. 

When you played hide-and-seek or tag as a kid, did you have a base? The base is the place where you’re safe from being tagged and getting out. For your family, your home is the base where you are safe from the challenges we face every day. Each person probably has their own spaces designed to help them recuperate, recover, and recharge. 

However, you may not realize your place of refuge could also be home to many tiny freeloaders. There could be six, eight, and multi-hundred-legged creepy-crawling and flying pests hanging out in your house, believing they belong. 

Does your house have bugs inside? The short answer is, most likely, yes. In this article, we’re helping you figure out if you have pests in your house and what to do about them. 

Life in the Carolinas is intricately tied to the beauty of the great outdoors. From spring through fall, our weather is perfect for getting out and exploring nature. Even during winter, it is usually warm enough to spend at least some time outside. When it’s cold enough to snow, you can find the entire neighborhood gathered around the sledding hill from morning till night. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the outdoors gets inside our homes. Bugs and pests crawl, fly, and worm their way into our houses and can bother our families. Some of these pests can cause harm to people and damage to your property. No one wants to find their homes infested with our least favorite part of the outdoors.