Ah, summer. The kids are out of school and ready for adventure. 

Here in the piedmont, foothills and High Country of the Carolinas and Virginia provide us access to countless adventures. From thousands of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails to whitewater rafting and backcountry camping, we have more to do than you can fit into your schedule in a single summer.

This is the season for your friends and family to come by for cookouts and picnics, to putter in the garden, to raise gorgeous flowers or delicious veggies, and to just sit on the porch and enjoy the sun. Many look forward to summer, warm temperatures, and time off all year. It is truly the perfect season in the Carolinas and Virginia. 

Well, it’s almost perfect. There is one thing about the warm months that can challenge the patience of even the most adamant fan of summer - pests.

Summer is a favorite time of year for residents of the Carolinas and Virginia. There is a lot of opportunity for fun in the sun and sand, letting the kids play outdoors, and enjoying our beautiful area. However, it is also a season of potentially volatile weather. 

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season has been quiet thus far, but that is to be expected from June through early August. It is around the time students begin returning to school that the ocean temperatures are their warmest. From late August through the middle of October, we are likely to see a number of storms form and threaten the East Coast.