Bugs love a few different things. They look for particular conditions to help them breed and increase their numbers. They need shelter, moisture, and access to food. Your home may provide all three of these, especially if you have a wet or humid basement. That makes for an ideal environment for infestation. How do you solve it? There are a number of steps that are each achievable. Take them one by one, and you can solve the problem:

The family of Linnie Roberts, our Rid-A-Bug founder, would like to honor his memory during May; the month of his death by announcing the following:

After a long winter, it’s wonderful to see the warmth returning and, with it, all of nature’s treasures. Leaves, green grass, flowers, and all the critters who have been holed up for the season. Spring means warmth and more daylight, and this plays a big role in the movement of animals. As you’re spending more time outside, what do you need to know about the wildlife around you?

The ants go marching ten by ten… cute song. Not so cute when you have an infestation of carpenter ants marching on towards your home - and through it. Ranging from 3.4 to 13 millimeters in length, these are among the biggest ants in the US, and their large mandibles can wreak havoc on structures. What do you need to know about carpenter ants? 

Spring is in the air all around the Carolinas and Virginia. You can see it in the wildflowers and trees. You can smell it in the freshly fallen rain and new life springing up from the ground. Though we may be practicing social distancing throughout our area, we can still step out on our porch and enjoy the wonder of the season.

Now that the seasons are finally changing, it is time to begin planting your flower gardens to add some color to your yard. You may have already begun sowing seeds indoors and planning to transfer them outside this month.

Unfortunately, there are several bugs that can be detrimental to your garden and beautification efforts. Rid-A-Bug is here to help make sure pests in and around your home are under control. In this article, we are discussing some bugs that are potentially harmful to your garden and what you can do about them.