Why Hiring a Professional Snake Exterminator Is a Smart Idea

Why Hiring a Professional Snake Exterminator Is a Smart Idea

There are certain situations where you can do it yourself and exterminate pests such as bugs, ants, and cockroaches that usually don’t need a professional pest control company. But for bigger pests that cause danger and damage to your family or home, it is necessary to call an exterminator. 

Snakes can easily find ways to get into your home if you have a mouse problem or dark, damp places where they can hide. We recommend always contacting a pest control specialist when you encounter a snake in your home to remove the snake safely and address the underlying problems. Here are the top three reasons why hiring a professional snake exterminator is a smart idea.


3 Reasons Why Hiring a Professional Snake Exterminator Is a Smart Idea

1. Avoid a Pest Infestation

When it’s cold, snakes like to find warm places under your wooden steps, in the basement walls, or beneath your house foundation. During the summer, they find similar hiding places to prey on pests in garages, tool sheds, dog houses, tall grass, wood, and compost piles. Their flexible body can squeeze under the smallest cracks or holes and infiltrate your home. Carefully look for these cracks and openings and seal them off. If you suspect a snake seeking residency in your home, do not try to handle the situation yourself. Leave the snake removal to an expert that will help you avoid a pest infestation. It’s important to have a snake removal professional on-call because while you may be able to remove a non-venomous snake, you expose yourself to unnecessary risks and potential pest infestation. Hire a professional to properly survey your home to remove all snakes and prevent future pest infestations. 

2. Get Expert Knowledge About Snakes in Your Area

While it’s easy to search online or read a book about how to remove snakes, trained professionals have experience on how to safely and properly remove snakes from your property. These experts know how to accurately identify and handle different snake species that live in your area. They also can provide a snake removal plan under the guideline of the local wildlife control regulations. 

3. Protect Your Family

Both venomous and non-venomous snakes can put your family and pets at risk. When you try to remove a snake, there is a high chance that it may bite you in the process. Depending on the species of the snake, bites from these reptiles can cause mild to deadly diseases to you and your family. It may also bite your pets, causing them to likely die.

Untreated non-venomous snake bites are extremely painful, while venomous bites are deadly and lead you to the emergency room. Snakes are smart creatures that crawl through tight spaces to avoid being spotted. An expert will take care of a snake infestation by safely removing any snakes and nests from your home. They are expertly trained and use the best pest control techniques and traps to capture these reptiles. 

How Much Does Snake Removal Cost?

Sometimes snakes on your property but aren’t inside your house can be beneficial and can protect your property from other pests. However, in the situation of a venomous snake, you want to remove the snake as soon as possible because they are a danger to your family and pets. Regardless of the reason, hiring a professional is the best choice. They will safely and humanely remove the snake and eliminate potential pest infestation. On average, removing a snake will cost between $100 and $200. The price will also depend on where you live, how far the professional has to travel, and the experience of the company. You could save money by removing the snake yourself, but you will put more time, effort, and the risk of injury with expensive hospital bills. Professionals know the best way to handle snakes and prevent them from taking residence.

How To Hire a Snake Removal Service

The biggest reason to leave snake removal to local experts is that they know the area and what type of snakes are common. You can search online for “snake control near me” and check the top result. When you find a company, schedule a consultation to discuss potential costs and ways to eliminate your snake problem. Choose the best company that fits your budget and offers a long-term solution to prevent snake infestations.

Rid-A-Bug has been serving North Carolina for over 45 years in pest management, wildlife management, and crawl space encapsulation. If you are dealing with a snake infestation, we can help. Our local experts are professionally trained in the humane removal of all types of unwanted wildlife. Contact us for a wildlife emergency or more information about our services.