Why Do Fleas Love My Pets?

Why Do Fleas Love My Pets?

Do you love your pets? That's a silly question; of course, you do! They're your furry family members. They're loyal friends and obviously love you too.

Unfortunately, sometimes you're not the only one who loves your pets. It may seem like fleas also care about your dogs and cats as much as you do. Unlike you, who your furry friends can't wait to see when you get home, fleas drive your dogs or cats crazy! 

It may feel like you've done everything you can to try to keep the fleas away from your pets, but nothing works. We want to try to help explain why these tiny pests love your pet, and what you can do to send them away for good.


What Is a Flea?

To fight the flea, we must better understand it. They are small, wingless insects known that feed on the blood of humans, dogs, and cats. They have flat, black, or reddish-brown bodies that are three millimeters long.

Even though they lack wings, they have exceptional jumping abilities due to their legs and can jump as high as 11 inches. Flea infestations can easily become out of control because a female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs during her 100-day lifespan.

While it may seem like they just come out of nowhere, if you have fleas in your home or on your pets, it’s because they have found a home in your yard, or wherever it is that your pets go outside. 

Fleas Ride Inside on Your Pets

Fleas are looking for a warm body to host them. They lay in wait in your yard, and while your pet is playing or doing their business, they hop on board and get a free ride into your home.  

Flea infestations can occur when the fleas the host animal is carrying leap off the animal and land on cushions and onto indoor or outdoor furniture or your carpet.

Even if you don't have a pet of your own, inviting friends around who do may result in their bringing fleas with them. Pets belonging to your neighbors who visit and scurry around in your yard may also carry fleas. 

Your pets might get their fleas from your neighbors, their own yard, the dog park, or wherever they go. In other words, it’s not your fault or their fault.

Do Fleas Die in the Winter?

The answer is both yes and no

If fleas are outside, and we have a stretch of weather colder than 37 degrees for at least ten days, eggs, larvae, pupae, and mature fleas will die. But likely, your home is a bit warmer than 37 degrees!

Cold weather kills fleas, but that’s only if they’re outside. If your dog or cat is bothered by fleas regularly, it’s likely that those pests have found their way inside your home and are happy to eat and breed in your furniture and carpets. 

Fleas Feel Like a Plague

No one likes fleas. Fleas plague families for several reasons:

  • They make our pets miserable
  • They can actually bite us 
  • Home remedies seem powerless against fleas
  • Fleas bug our guests 
  • Fleas can come with us in our stuff 
  • They are embarrassing 
  • They multiply exponentially 

In addition to being irritating, fleas can transmit illnesses like the plague bacteria, and murine typhus. As a result of constant scratching brought on by heavy infestations, your pet may have a roughened coat and, in some circumstances, neurotic problems.

Tapeworms can be spread by fleas as well. There are absolutely no positives and only negative effects of a flea infestation. 

Do Fleas Love My Pets More Than Most?

There are arguably some reasons your pets may be more attractive to fleas, but in reality, they are just in search of heat, carbon dioxide, and vibrations that they can feel so they can find and attach to your dog or cat. Factors like a pet’s coat, size, body temperature, etc., may have an impact on why they seem to attract more fleas than others, but if there are fleas around, they will find your pets. 

What Can You Do About Fleas?

Getting rid of fleas is not a quick and easy process. Unfortunately, due to the life cycle of a flea, it could take weeks or even months. You can, however, get rid of fleas. 

  1. Step One: Get a recommended flea treatment for your pets from your veterinarian. Only use what your vet recommends. 
  2. Step Two: Treat your pets, vacuum, and vacuum again. Vacuum all carpets, rugs, and furniture. 
  3. Step Three: Mow your lawn. 
  4. Step Four: Treat your yard. 
  5. Step Five: Rinse and repeat. Literally, we mean repeat this process until things improve, but also keep your pets clean. 

Bring in Reinforcements

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