What Christmas Tree Pests To Expect in Your Home

What Christmas Tree Pests To Expect in Your Home

Families throughout the Carolinas and Virginia were looking forward to the holiday season all year. It has been an unusual year. Christmas and New Year's represent a semblance of normalcy and opportunity for families to spend time together, even if many have had to forgo traditional gatherings for the sake of safety. 

In the foothills and piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia, it is common throughout the last weeks of November and December to see vehicles with Christmas trees strapped to their roofs. This year we have seen it more than ever: as people return from their mountain excursions with their perfect trees, they are eagerly anticipating decorating them with ornaments and lights. However, few are thinking about the arrival of Christmas tree pests as part of the tree's charm. 


If you have a beautiful Christmas tree in your home, you need to know what pests might be hiding among the limbs and with the presents under it. We want to help you identify the potential Christmas tree pests and what to do about them. 

Which Pests Love Christmas Trees as Much as Your Family

Here are a few of the pests that are as fond of the festive Christmas season as your family:

  • Aphids: Aphids can be found on the lower branches and boughs of your Christmas tree. While they can do significant damage to your garden plants and flowers, they are generally harmless to people and your tree. However, they can attract ladybugs into your home, and you should avoid smashing them when they find their way onto your furniture as they will leave an ugly stain.
  • Spiders: Most spiders are harmless to people; however, that does not mean you want them hanging around your holiday gatherings. Check your tree for egg sacs and have them exterminated before they make your festivities their own. 
  • Mites: Mites are as tiny as, well, mites. However, you can see them. They will appear as tiny brown or red dots that will ultimately lead to prematurely dropping needles. 
  • Praying Mantis: While not exactly the wise men from the manger scene, these insects appear to be intelligent and prayerful. While they appear to be mostly harmless, they can lay up to 400 eggs, so you might want to have them removed. Take note that it is not actually illegal to kill a praying mantis.
  • Bark Beetles and Sawflies: Less common than the rest of the insects on this list, bark beetles and sawflies can make your tree their home. 

Your natural Christmas tree is essentially bringing a small piece of outdoors into your home. You can, therefore, expect some critters to come along with it. However, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your pests do not have a long stay.

What To Do About Your Pests

Before your tree enters your home, some lots will shake your tree. This can dislodge and eliminate some pests from hitching a ride inside on your tree; however, it will not eliminate them altogether. Once your tree is up, make sure you are checking it regularly for signs of pests. When you do see insects and pests, eliminate them as soon as possible. Once the season is over, consider removing it and disposing of it as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of pests gathering on your tree into the new year. 

Your professional exterminator can help you exterminate and eliminate pests from your holiday gatherings. They were not invited, so Rid-A-Bug is happy to evict them. Our professional team can help you have a bug-free holiday season.

Rid-A-Bug Pest Extermination

Most of the pests associated with Christmas trees are not necessarily harmful to humans; however, their presence can attract the kind of insects that can do damage. Of course, all pests are annoying houseguests that you want out of your tree, house, and hair as soon as possible. If you have a Christmas tree or any other kind of pesky pests in your home this fall or winter, you need professional extermination services. In the Carolinas and Virginia, Rid-A-Bug Exterminating has the experience and expertise to help you get rid of your pests. Contact us today for more information about how you can have professional exterminators uninvite pesky house pests from your holiday home.