Send Scary Spiders Back to the Haunted House

Send Scary Spiders Back to the Haunted House

There are a few reasons to go outside during summer. You might go to the pool or the beach, or find a waterfall and cool swimming hole, but otherwise, summer is a season to crank the A/C and stay inside. Mosquitos and ticks abound, while the humidity makes the South feel like a sauna. Of course, we are kidding, there is plenty to enjoy about summer in our area. However, as summer fades to fall, the mosquitos and ticks go away and residents of Virginia and the Carolinas can truly enjoy the great outdoors again. 

There is one problem pest that often finds its scary stride in late summer through the fall. Spiders. No one likes spiders, unless, of course, they are fake haunted house decorations.

Most spiders are not venomous, but a few can be problematic for area residents. Here is what you need to know about fall spiders and how you can send them packing. 

What Kind of Spiders Are the Scariest?

There are a number of spiders in the Carolinas and Virginia, but few of them are actually venomous. Wolf Spiders are quite common and look fairly fierce. If you could make a wolf spider as large as a small animal, it would be a great haunted house feature; although, some people would think it was almost cute in a gross sort of way. To further infuriate and frighten people, wolf spiders move quickly and have been known to jump a bit. However, they are absolutely harmless. 

In a previous article, we discussed why people are afraid of spiders. Some of the reasons include:

  • Dominos: Because so many people are frightened by spiders, you may be afraid of them by proximity to others who are falling like dominos.
  • Scuttling: The movement of spiders is unsettling. When they scuttle, it is pretty freaky.
  • Legs: There are at least two times too many legs on spiders. It makes us feel uncomfortable to see that many legs in action.
  • Spiderwebs: There’s a reason spider webs show up in haunted houses and scary decorations. It is creepy seeing spiders catch their prey in webs made of silk they produce.
  • Culture: Spiders are rarely used as friendly creatures in television and film. 
  • Venom: Some spiders are actually dangerous to area residents.

There are four venomous spiders in our area; however, they can be relatively common and quite scary:

  • Brown Recluses: These spiders are without a doubt the most dangerous spider in our area. They are quite reclusive, but if you find one of these, there could be more. You need to call us immediately. 
  • Black Widows: These spiders creep around in the dark and unfriendly areas in your home. They are quite dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible. They are distinguishable by their black color and red spot.
  • False Black Widows: You probably don’t care whether it is a real or false black widow, if you see one of these, you want it gone. They are not as venomous as black widows, but they still pack a punch.
  • Yellow Sac Spiders: While these spiders are the least venomous on this list, they are still something you do not want to hang around your home. You need these spiders exterminating as soon as possible.

What You Should Do About Spiders in Your Home

In the Carolinas and Virginia, you can expect spiders to enter your home at some point. It is inevitable. A few of the non-venomous kind hanging around is not necessarily a bad thing. They may be a bit scary at first, but you can probably live with them eliminating some of the most annoying pests. However, when you find an excessive number of spiders in your home, or you begin to see the venomous kind, it is time to do something about it. 

Your trusted exterminator is going to be your biggest ally in sending spiders back to the haunted house where they belong. You need to have the spiders and the pests the spiders eat eliminated in order to cut down on the presence of the creepy arachnids. If you have spiders and you do not want them, contact Rid-A-Bug Exterminating today. We typically eliminate your spider problem within 24-hours, so you do not have to wait till after Halloween to get rid of your scary spiders.