Problems Caused By Excess Moisture

Problems Caused By Excess Moisture

The Carolinas and Virginia put on a marvelous display of color and beauty during October and November. It is one of the factors that attract tourists and new residents to our area every year. Though the weather is excellent throughout autumn, and generally drier than other times of the year, there is not really an off-season for rainfall east of the Mississippi. Tropical systems and nor'easters often bring enough rain to make up the difference in what would otherwise be a dry season.

Our area receives between 35 and 45 inches of rain each year on average. We had almost twice that amount in 2018 when multiple tropical systems dumped buckets of water during an already exceptionally rainy year. With heavy rainfall and plentiful humidity, homes in our area are prone to issues stemming from excess moisture.

Moisture will enter your home is through leaking pipes, wet basements and crawlspaces, roof damage, worn weather sealing, and malfunctioning heating and air conditioning. When rain and water enter your home, you can expect issues.

Unwanted Pests

Pets generally love moisture. If your home is wet, you can expect many unwanted and welcome pest to visit, including:

If your home is prone to moisture, make sure you inspect those areas for signs of pests and damage. If you do not like these pests, contact Rid-A-Bug to have them quickly exterminated. Then, determine the reason for excess moisture and have it repaired.

Termite Damage

In addition to the presence of termites, if there is moisture in and around your home, you can expect to eventually find termite damage. Termites love soft and water-logged wood. They will often enter your home through landscaping, trees, dead limbs, and firewood near your home. Signs of damage include soft and hallow floors and walls, visible holes, and mud tunnels. If you have termites, you need to have them exterminated immediately and repair the source of the moisture.

termite damage 2


Heavy rain and saturated ground will lead wildlife to see shelter inside dry places, like inside your attic and walls. Wildlife you might find in the Carolinas and Virginia include:

Rid-A-Bug can help humanely remove wildlife seeking shelter in your home.

Overworked HVAC

Your heating and air conditioning system is responsible for the lion’s share of your home’s dehumidification. If your house has excess moisture, your HVAC system will work harder and wear out more quickly. Over time, the system's effectiveness will diminish and allow even more moisture to develop, inviting even more pests and wildlife.

Water Damage

Though it may seem obvious, excess moisture will eventually lead to water damage. Water damage will only get worse if left unrepaired, inviting all of the issues associated with moisture to continue and even increase.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can occur wherever there is moisture and water damage. Left unchecked, mold can make your home unhealthy and create expensive repair issues. You will often find mold on windowsills, in basements and crawlspaces, attics where there is roof damage, and in all the same places you find ants, termites, and other pests.

If you have a pest or wildlife infestation, whether or not it is directly related to moisture, it is certainly something you want to take care of effectively and professionally. Rid-A-Bug has decades of experience exterminating pests and removing wildlife. Contact us, if you have a pest problem and we will typically arrive to help within 24-hours.