Moisture Ants vs. Sugar Ants

Moisture Ants vs. Sugar Ants

How To Get Rid of Moisture Ants

Are you spotting ants roaming freely throughout your home and finding them in moist areas? If so, you are probably battling with moisture ants. This species of ants live in damp, humid environments and are often discovered when homeowners are remodeling their homes. Moisture ants thrive in temperate rich environments prone to humidity behind walls, wet spots, and rotten materials like wood. Moisture ants are easy to spot because of their large-sized and light red/dark brown bodies. However, their hiding spots allow them to damage the structure of the home without you even knowing.

Next time you see a single ant out in the open, don’t hesitate to examine if it is a moisture ant. At a glance, many homeowners won’t recognize the difference between moisture ants and sugar ants. It’s important to identify the species of ants that invade your home because ants range in creating different problems. Harmless ants such as sugar ants and carpenter ants are the most common type of ants that people mistake for moisture ants. 

Moisture vs. Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are the most frequent home invaders that don’t cause any harm besides being an annoyance. The key difference between moisture ants and sugar ants is that sugar ants are typically small and don’t require lots of water. Instead, sugar ants colonize inside food resources in your home, which makes them common to invade kitchens and pantries. 

Signs of Moisture Ant Infestation

Often homeowners will see soil accumulating in basement floors or through cracks in walls. Though this could be considered as termite activity, it is a major sign of a moisture ant infestation. Moisture ants make their nests very close to the foundation of homes. When living under an object, they often push up the soil through the cracks while digging their way up. Moisture ants have wings that are useful when moving inside the house. If you spot one, it is a major concern because they may be living somewhere close to the house or have built up their colony inside your home. Therefore it’s important to identify the ant and survey the house for damp and decaying wood that needs to be replaced. Houses that are infested with moisture ants show signs of wood being digested by them. 

How To Remove Moisture Ants?

Moisture ants are more difficult to remove than sugar ants in the house because when they find their source of moisture, they will keep coming back till the source is removed. Sugar ants are easier to spot because they will always leave a trail that leads to the source, while moisture ants are harder to spot due to their hiding spots. To ensure that moisture ants are permanently removed from the home, you have to remove or replace the moisture-damaged areas and source of leakage. 

Possible Water Sources for Moisture Ants:

  • Leaking ceiling
  • Moist dirt basements
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Foundation or crawl space drainage issues
  • Faulty HVAC ventilation
  • Water-damaged/rotting materials
  • Any outdoor moisture source

It is easy to remove a piece of moisture-damaged furniture or repair damp ceiling, flooring, and leaky roofs that are visible, but the problem occurs when moisture is somewhere hidden from the sight. In such cases, professionals have to be called in to inspect the source of moisture in the house and remove any rotting materials that may be the source of the colony of moisture ants infesting the area. You must address the source of moisture and always take care to replace moisture damaged and rotting objects that are located in and outside your home. 

Hire Professional Pest Control

Moisture ants are numerous and shouldn’t be ignored. If you encounter moisture ants in your home, rather than trying to handle the situation yourself, hire Rid-A-Bug. We are professionally trained to inspect and find the hidden sources of moisture that attract the moisture ants. Our team will diagnose the matter and take necessary steps to find a permanent solution to evict the moisture ants from your home. We have over 45 years of experience and offer fast, dependable, and effective services for small and large infestations alike. Contact us today for more information. We are here to help.