How to Make Your Home Unfriendly for Snakes

How to Make Your Home Unfriendly for Snakes

A long hot summer finally seems to have come to an end. After a relatively warm winter and spring, summer seemed to bring an excess of the pests and critters we hate the most. Ants, termites, spiders, stink bugs, and ticks were certainly plentiful this year. Homeowners in the Carolinas and Virginia also noticed quite a bit of their least favorite wildlife. 

Notably, there were snakes a-plenty throughout the warm season.

Snakes are almost everyone’s least favorite creature to find on their property. While there are several types that are beneficial to your yard, most people would trade all of them to get rid of the ones that are venomous. It may seem strange to talk about snakes in the fall, but it is now while they are retreating that you can ahead of them next year. In this article, we are discussing where snakes reside on your property and how you can reduce their presence in next spring and summer. 

What Types of Snakes Are Common in the Carolinas and Virginia?

There is no shortage of snakes in the piedmont and foothills of North Carolina and Virginia. Many snakes are non-venomous, but a few can cause serious issues if you are bit. Many non-venomous snakes can be helpful in keeping down the population of rodents.

Non-venomous snakes:

  • Black Rat Snake: One of the most common snakes in the area
  • Black Racer: You are about as likely to see this snake as a rat snake
  • Garter Snake: These are relatively small, come in various colors, and relatively harmless
  • Scarlet Snake: Vibrant red, black, and white – these are almost pretty to look at
  • Ribbon Snake: These look a little bit like a tiny black and yellow water hose
  • Rough Green Snake: These little guys are almost cute
  • Eastern King Snake: A hint of color distinguish these from black snakes
  • Brown Snake: As the name suggests, these snakes are brown, boring, and startling

Venomous Snakes

These of considerably more concern to residents of the piedmont and foothills Carolinas and Virginia:

Timber Rattlesnakes: Pale skin with dark bands and a fierce rattle, timber rattlesnakes are extremely venomous and require immediate medical attention if you are bit by one. Timber rattlesnakes typically live on rocky mountains and ridges, but you can find them in lower elevations as well. 

Copperheads: Probably the most common venomous snake in our area, copperheads are about 3-feet long, brownish with hourglass patters, and have a copper tone. They are also quite venomous and there is no room for hesitating to see medical attention. 

Cottonmouths: Most of the area Rid-A-Bug serves is too far west for these dark-colored, pattern-less snakes. They are typically found near freshwater and about as serious as a copperhead.

Where Do Snakes Live?

On your property, snakes typically live in holes and near rocky areas. They often benefit from tall grass or unkept woodpiles. 

What Can You Do About Snakes?

This is the season to make it more difficult for snakes to take refuge in your yard. A few steps you can take to reduce the occurrence of snakes include:

  • With the cool weather and dying plants, remove brushy landscaping 
  • Keep your grass low and weeds trimmed
  • Remove unnecessary bushes 
  • Keep woodpiles off the ground and make sure they are stacked well
  • Eliminated passageways stacked stones and rocks 
  • Make sure your yard is clean and free of debris
  • Have mice and other rodents removed and discourage their presence

In the Carolinas and Virginia, to some extent, snakes are inevitable. Eliminating the things they love is key to reducing their presence come spring and summer. The more difficult you make their living arrangements, the less likely they are to call your yard home.

Some snakes are perfectly pleasant to have around your property. Some you definitely want removed. Very few people have any interest in having wild snakes in their homes. Rid-A-Bug is here to help you remove snakes from your property in the Carolinas and Virginia. If you have a snake problem any time of year, contact Rid-A-Bug as soon as possible. We can also help eliminate rodents and mice that they on which they feed. You can count on Rid-A-Bug to help with your snake problems and other pests.