How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home During Winter

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home During Winter

It is finally starting to feel like winter here in the foothills and piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia. After a Christmas that was warm enough to comfortably grill on your deck in shorts, we are now back to scraping ice off our windshields in the morning before driving to work. 

Residents are keeping a weathered eye to the sky for signs of snow and ice, and ultimately, everyone is ready for spring. 

You might take at least some solace in the idea that you don’t have to deal with annoying, pesky insects during the colder months. Unfortunately, in our area, that is not entirely true. Many insects are less active during the winter, but others are looking for shelter from the cold and wet weather in your home.

Spiders are fairly common winter pests that are not welcome in most homes. We want to help you identify dangerous spiders and take steps to prevent them from entering your house this winter. 


What You Need to Know About Spiders

While they are most common during fall, spiders will hang out in your home throughout the cold months. There are only four types of venomous spiders in our area: Brown Recluses, Black Widows, Yellow Sac Spiders, and False Black Widows.

Spiders are not just annoying, but they strike fear in the hearts of many people. 75% of people express having at least some measure of arachnophobia.

Even though spider bites are rarely fatal and there are only a handful of venomous spiders in our area,  it is still unsettling to see them in your home. During winter, when you expect to be free of pests, seeing a spider is especially startling.

Venomous Spiders in the Carolinas and Virginia 

  • Brown Recluse: Our area's most dangerous spider; if bitten, get medical attention straight away.
  • Black Widows: These spiders aren't as venomous as the Recluse, but they can still cause significant harm. 
  • False Black Widows: These spiders are venomous but not nearly as dangerous as their namesakes, with slightly different patterns.
  • Yellow Sac Spiders: These spiders sting, although their bites are significantly less harmful than those of Black Widows and Brown Recluses.

Venomous or not, when you see spiders, you want them gone. Here is how you prevent them from infesting your home during the winter. 

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home During Winter

When the weather is too hot, cold, wet, or dry, spiders may enter your home. Broken storm windows, worn-out weather treatments, fractures and gaps in walls and foundations, vent enclosure malfunctions, or some other opening allowing spiders to enter are open invitations for them to get out of the elements and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home.

You may not be able to completely prevent spiders from entering your home, but you may make it more difficult for them by blocking their entryways. 

If you have a lot of spiders or see indications of the poisonous four, hire a professional to get rid of them.

Exterminating Winter Spiders and Pests

Even if you spend all winter sealing their potential entrances, you still find them scuttling across your floor or jumping out from a hiding spot when you least expect it. That is why you need the help of a professional spider extermination company this winter. 

Spiders are likely to invade your home in the Carolinas and Virginia at some point, regardless of the season. It's unavoidable. It's not always a terrible thing to have a few non-venomous species of spiders hanging around your home. 

They may appear frightening at first, but you can probably live with them if they are eating some of the most bothersome insects. However, if you notice an unusually high number of spiders in your home, or if you notice poisonous spiders, it's time to take action.

Your expert exterminator will be your most valuable partner in controlling and eliminating spiders. In order to reduce the presence of spiders, you must eliminate spiders and the bugs that spiders devour. Contact Rid-A-Bug Exterminating right away if you have a spider problem

We typically take care of your pest problems in less than 24 hours, so you won't have to wait until spring to get rid of your creepy spiders.