Four Reasons Why Pests May Be Loving Your Home

Four Reasons Why Pests May Be Loving Your Home

Many of us have found ourselves wondering the same thing, “Why do pests and rodents love my house so much”? You are not alone, many homeowners struggle with this exact question, and some of the reasons may be very surprising. 


Our homes are important to us, and sadly pests and wildlife can cause extensive damage to both the interior and exterior of your home if they are not properly taken care of. This article will discuss a few of the leading reasons pests may be particularly interested in your space, and what you can do to deter them.

Four Reasons Why Pests May Be Loving Your Home

1) Moisture

Just like us, bugs need water, and many of them thrive in wet environments. Leaky pipes and still water create damp spaces, which are a favorite of cockroaches and rates. Meanwhile, termites prefer to consume wood that has been subject to water damage. 

This all means excess moisture in your home, and leaking pipes may be creating the perfect environment for pests in rodents. Be sure to always keep an eye on pipes and even consider investing in a dehumidifier. 

2) Food Waste

Crumbs and other food waste create a huge neon sign attracting bugs into your home. The bugs coming inside are often looking for a quick meal, and leaving behind scraps or failing to clean up food messes properly could be welcoming to these unwanted visitors. 

You should never leave out dirty dishes or leftovers for extended periods of time, and any food that is not being eaten should be covered and stored securely. When cleaning up after meals, thoroughly wash counter spaces and wipe up any crumbs that may have made it off the plate before the bugs catch a whiff. 

These practices will help lower the chances of pests being attracted to your home, and in the process, your home will stay fresh and clean.

3) White Lighting 

Bugs love lights, but not all lights are created equal. If you continue to find your home surrounded by flying critters such as moths, crane flies, and beetles, it may be the color of your outdoor lighting to blame. 

These insects are attracted to white artificial lights that may be set up around the exterior of your home. The reason behind this has to do with insect navigation. At night, these creatures use the moonlight to help guide them, but your intense artificial light causes confusion and leaves the bugs heading in your direction. 

Luckily the solution is as easy as it seems, turn off or change your bulbs. By leaving lights off at night, problems can be avoided altogether. For homes where that is not possible, consider shifting to light with a warmer temperature, like a yellow light, which insects are less confused and allured by. 

4)   Brown Paper Bags

This is one item that is easy to overlook as you attempt to make your home less pest friendly. What you may not know is that mounds of paper grocery bags shoved into spaces below sinks or in drawers are attracting bugs of all types, especially cockroaches. 

Pests like this love brown paper bags, and they often use their creases to hide and lay eggs, especially in thicker piles. These bugs will even eat from the bag itself and will definitely be searching for crumbs left behind. 

To help prevent this, think about switching to reusable grocery bags. Not only are these bags eco-friendly, but they are also less likely to be converted into a cockroach breeding ground. 

4)   Secondhand Furniture 

Purchasing that leather couch for such a low price probably felt like a steal, but maybe it wasn’t. Unfortunately, critters love to lodge themselves within armchairs, couches, and other furniture items. Once inside, many lay eggs and eat away at your precious belongings.

If you ever buy a piece of used furniture from a thrift store or garage sale, make sure to thoroughly inspect it for droppings, eggs, or other signs of insect life before buying the piece. Always remember to check underneath and inside drawers when possible. 

Say Goodbye to Pests

These reasons highlight just a few of the factors motivating pests to seek refuge in your home. It is important to the longevity of your home that you remove anything that could be attracting bugs. A great place to start could be switching out yellow lights, removing plastic bags, and inspecting your home for food waste and moisture. 

If you think there could be other factors contributing to the presence of pests, check out this article to learn about some of the other common household goods and practices that may be leading bugs into your home. 

Good luck as you try to remove insects and other pests from your home, one yellow light and leaky pipe at a time. For additional help with pest extermination, reach out to Rid-A-Bug Exterminating today!