Cockroach Series - How to Get Rid of Roaches

Cockroach Series - How to Get Rid of Roaches

There are no pests that homeowners would say they enjoy having in their homes. Some, however, are certainly worse than others. You probably think about spiders as some of our least favorite. Mosquitos are another pest about which we hear a lot of complaints. 

No one likes bed bugs or ants. However, no pest elicits a visceral response like cockroaches. It is not just their speedy movements and horrifying appearance that people find so unsettling. Cockroaches are closely associated with trash and filth. 

Unfortunately, they can carry harmful bacteria and diseases. Bottom line, you don't want them anywhere near your home, business, or family. 

We know you hate roaches. In this post and a future article, we are discussing cockroaches, what they are, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent them. 


What Are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are as old as time. The ancestors of roaches roamed with and plagued the dinosaurs. They are in the same order as termites and can exist in a wide range of climates. In other words, they are all over the world and have plagued people throughout history. 

Cockroaches have been known to withstand extreme temperatures and can go without air for over half an hour. 

There are many different types of roaches in the Carolinas and Virginia. A few of the species you may encounter in your home or business include:

  • American Cockroach: This is the quintessential cockroach of North America. These quick-moving brownish-black pests are one of the least liked species on the planet. To make matters worse, they multiply quickly and live longer than most roaches. 
  • Smoky Brown Cockroach: While these reddish-brown roaches are not as common in the northern parts of our area, Charlotte home and business owners might find these in the higher parts of their homes. 
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach: Brown-banded roaches do not require as much moisture, so you may find them in your living rooms and bedrooms. You can recognize them by their light brown color and wings. 
  • Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach: Not at all limited to Pennsylvania as their name might have you believe, these roaches spend most of their time outdoors in and around the woods or firewood piles. However, they might be attracted by lights and food, working their way into your home or business in garbage cans or firewood. 
  • Flying Cockroaches: While being plenty nightmarish on the ground, some cockroaches can actually use their wings and glide short distances. If they see the light or get a sense there is food in your property; they might fly right on in. 

All cockroaches hang out in relatively disgusting areas, so they can carry harmful germs, bacteria, and diseases into your home or business. 

What Are the Signs of a Cockroach Infestation?

The most prevalent sign you have a cockroach problem is, of course, seeing them. Other signs you have a cockroach problem include:

  • Droppings: If you see something that looks like coffee grounds or ground pepper, it could be cockroach droppings.
  • Odor: Cockroaches emit an unpleasant odor that may smell like must and mildew. 
  • Eggs: Cockroach egg casings can often be found around bookcases or appliances. 

If you see the signs of cockroaches, you need to deal with them immediately. 

Where Will You Find Cockroaches?

You may see a cockroach scurrying across your kitchen floor; however, if you wait until they reveal themselves, you might have a much bigger issue. If there are enough signs of an infestation to justify searching for them, here are the places you are most likely to find them:

  • Kitchens: Whether it's a home or business, if you have cockroaches, you will likely find them in the kitchen. They are attracted by any food but especially spilled sugary and greasy foods. 
  • Garbage Areas: If you have an indoor or outdoor garbage area, cockroaches will be attracted to it. 
  • Excess Moisture: Like many pests, cockroaches are attracted to moisture. If you have plumbing leaks or a humid basement, those areas will be some of the first places to look for roaches. 
  • Pet Food: If you have pet food in your pantry or garage, you may find it attracting roaches. 

How Do You Get Rid of Roaches?

If you find roaches in your home or business, you may be tempted to throw up a "for sale" sign and abandon your property; however, there are a few steps you can take to send them packing. 

  • Clean up the food and take out the garbage. 
  • Move wood piles away from your home. 
  • Fix plumbing leaks and sources of excess moisture. 
  • Try roach motels or traps to attract and kill roaches. 
  • There are an array of baits, pesticides, and traps to use. 
  • You can create DIY traps by mixing baking soda with a pinch of sugar and putting it where roaches are common. They will ingest it and die from the baking soda.  

If you want to know with certainty that your cockroach infestation has been dealt with, you will want to call a professional exterminator. In the Carolinas and Virginia, Rid-A-Bug Exterminating is your trusted roach exterminator.

We typically eradicate pests like cockroaches in less than 24 hours from the time you call. 

Not only do we exterminate them, but we help you take steps to reduce the chances of their return. 

Whether you are protecting your family or customers, when you see the signs of roaches, contact the team at Rid-A-Bug immediately

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