Are Termites a Health Hazard?

Are Termites a Health Hazard?

One word homeowners never want to hear is termites. Many people who encounter termites around their houses or yards know how dangerous they can be to their home's infrastructure, but do they stop to wonder if these destructive creatures are also a health hazard to humans and whether they can make them sick? 

The important thing to keep in mind about termites is that even if they are not directly a health hazard, they could be a warning sign for potential problems, or they could attract other unhealthy things to your home. The team at Rid-A-Bug understands that termites can be scary and confusing, but we are here to help!

So, let's take a closer look at the potential risks that termites can pose to human health. 

Are Termites a Health Hazard?


In most cases, termites themselves are not dangerous, and they do not affect people much. Even though they are capable of biting and stinging just like any other insect, they can do no harm to humans. Termites are not known to be a health hazard to humans because they do not transmit diseases that are harmful to people. 

However, some people living in homes with termite infestation are likely to suffer from allergic reactions and even asthma attacks. Also, it has been found that those who are allergic to wood dust can find it disturbing to live in a house struck by termites. This is to say that even if termites themselves are not biting you, they can still cause problems. 

Your home is less safe

The true danger that termites can pose is when structures in the house, such as wooden steps or flooring, become severely weakened by termites’ feeding activity, causing people to get injured when the structure breaks. This is why monitoring their presence is extremely important, especially in older constructions. 

Termites can do a lot of damage before homeowners are even aware of their presence, and people can end up getting seriously injured when an accident happens as a result of damaged wood to the point of collapse. Always be on the lookout for termite activity. 

So what about the bites?

Technically, termites are likely to bite humans or pets if they feel threatened. But they don’t have a tendency to bite, and even when they do, their bites and stings are not serious or toxic, and they don’t carry disease-causing germs. Thus, any contact with the human body will not cause any sort of infection. 


Most people who are bitten by a termite experience only mild pain or irritation and a small red spot that goes away within a day or two. So termite bites should not be on the top of your worry list when it comes to these pests. 

Can they make me sick?

Since termites are not known to do harm to humans by spreading disease, having a termite infestation in your house can have an indirect impact on your health and make you sick in a number of ways. One of the main reasons is that these insects attract mold. 

Due to their feeding activity, wooden structures are being decomposed, and the decaying wood is susceptible to mold growth. If you live in a home where mold is growing on the walls, ceiling, or in the attic, the mold can cause allergies or other health issues for you and your family. 

Other termite problems

Sometimes termites are a sign of a hidden moisture issue as mold and termites thrive in the same kind of dark and humid environment, which can contribute to health problems. Also, the accumulation of moisture leads to mold and other bacteria that contribute to air pollution. 

This might be a reason for termites within the walls or ceilings, resulting in the release of a foul odor that will have a bad effect on human health. In particular, if you have an allergy or other chronic respiratory problem, exposure to mold particles that termites spread through the air can make you feel unwell. There’s a high risk that mold spread by termites traveling throughout your home could land on food or be inhaled. 

Mold can cause fungal infections, skin diseases, and mild or severe asthma. Some people may also develop allergies to termites. In this case, termites are simply a trigger because the illness is not directly caused by termites. 

One such infection, known as Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS, leads to discomfort issues such as chronic headaches. 

The final indirect way in which the presence of termites makes you sick is through direct contact with different termite treatments that some homeowners opt to use in trying to get rid of these pests from their properties. 

No Thank You to Termite Trouble

So are termites a health hazard? It might be hard to say, but one thing is for sure no homeowner wants them near their house. These pests can not only cause damage to your home but can inflame allergies and cause mold. 

The Rid-A-Bug team prides itself on being professional termite fixers with years of experience riding homes of these annoying bugs. Our techniques are proven to remove termites and protect your home. If you want to learn more about how to get rid of these dangerous lurkers, this blog post has all the answers.  

And remember, no bug problem is too big for your friends at Rid-A-Bug; we are only a call away