5 Signs Your Home Is About to Be Infested

5 Signs Your Home Is About to Be Infested

Many times, a pest infestation is not so apparent as seeing ants marching across the counter or spotting mice darting under your refrigerator. No, it can be much more subtle - but no less serious. How do you know your home is about to be infested? 


Be on the lookout for these telltale signs you’re heading for an infestation:

1. An uptick in spiders. 

Ok, so obviously you have a spider problem, but it goes beyond that. Since spiders feast on insects, seeing more spiders means you have some pest problems going on. The spiders may help control these populations in the short term, but breeding is fast and frequent with insects.

The same is true if you’re suddenly seeing a lot of ladybugs; again, since they feed on insects, they’re chowing down on other pests that are present in the home.

2. Tap, tap, tap. 

You may hear a faint tapping sound in your walls. If so, call your exterminator ASAP! It may be termites, which are banging their heads against the walls. If you’re hearing it, you likely have some significant colony action going on.

While we’re on the topic of termites, you may also notice:

  • Little piles of shed wings that look like small fish scales
  • Mud tubes/tunnels along your external walls
  • Small wood-colored droppings (frass)
  • Peeling paint and/or weakened floors

3. You just bought second-hand furniture (or a mattress). 

While buying pre-owned furniture and other items is a great way to reduce, reuse, and save money, it can also introduce pests into your home. Uninvited visitors can hitch a ride on that great sofa or inside the wooden desk you just picked up. A particularly nasty concern is bedbugs. They can come in on soft, upholstered items, like mattresses, couches, linens, drapery, etc. Look for signs of bed bugs before you bring an item into your home, such as little brown spots, and it is best to stay away from used mattresses altogether. Your home - and your back - will thank you.

4. You leave your garage door open. 

Roll out the welcome mat! Pests will love your home as it provides easy and convenient shelter. But you don’t even need to leave the door open; mice, rats, and other pests can fit through incredibly small cracks and gaps. Seal them up before you’re dealing with an infestation. Also look over your basement, attic, and around your doors and windows to take care of any spots that could invite pests in.

5. Your neighbors have pest problems. 

Unfortunately, pests don’t really obey social niceties. Closed doors and windows don’t mean much to them. If your neighbors have problems with pests, it is likely that they will also find their way into your home. Take proactive steps to ensure they stay out! 

Rid-a-Bug is the region’s top exterminator and pest control experts. We’re here to help; if you notice any of these signs, take action immediately to get rid of pests - and better yet, keep them from coming back. Contact Rid-A-Bug before your infestation gets out of control