bedbugWhere Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs can enter your home through luggage, clothing, pre-owned beds, used couches, and other fabric items. They have small and flat bodies that make it possible to fit into any tiny space and become undetected. Bed bugs get their name because they are commonly found in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards, where they have easy access to bite people at night. However, they can scatter throughout the room, crawling into any crack or crevice to protect themselves. Bed bugs are notorious for spreading to nearby rooms or apartments and solely live on your blood. Even in homes and hotels that are regularly cleaned, bed bugs can still be found.

When Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Bed bugs are active at night and usually bite when people are sleeping to remain undetected. They withdraw blood and tend to feed three to ten minutes or until full. Bed bug bites are painless at first, but soon they turn into itchy welts. Unlike flea bites in one area of your body, bed bugs bite any areas of the skin that is exposed while sleeping. At first, many people who don’t realize they have a bed bug infestation may confuse the itching bites as mosquitoes or flea bites. To confirm you have bed bug bites, find the source and identify the bugs themselves. 

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Bloodstains on your sheets or pillowcases.
  • Dark spots of bed bugs excrement on bedding, mattress, and sleepwear.
  • Bed Bug fecal spots or shed skin in areas where they hide
  • A musty odor from the bug’s scent

If you suspect an infestation, you should remove all bedding and check for clear signs of bed bugs. First, remove the dust cover on the bottom of the box spring and examine the seams and wooden framing. You need to peel back the fabric to check for any bed bugs present. Also, check the area around the room, like the edges of the carpet, books, clothing, curtains, and stuffed animals. If you are uncertain about the signs of bed bugs, call a professional exterminator who will know what to look for, how to spot the infestation, and prevent their return. 

Ways To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

  • Clean bedding, linens, curtains, and clothing in hot water and dry them on the highest dryer setting. Collect other fabric items such as stuffed animals, shoes, and pillows that can’t be washed in the dry oh high heat for 30 minutes.
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub the mattress and remove the dead bed bugs with a vacuum. 
  • To prevent the spread of bed bugs, encase your mattress and box spring with a zippered cover to keep the bed bugs from entering or escaping. Unfortunately, bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding, so it’s advised to keep the mattress covered for at least a year.
  • Repair any cracks or holes to eliminate bed bugs from hiding.
  • Clean your room regularly and get rid of clutter around the bed.
  • Get rid of an infested mattress, but take care of the rest of your home, or they will infect your new mattress. 

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Bed bugs are gross, annoying, and painful to deal with. These traveling bugs can make your beautiful Concord home feel dirty and uncomfortable. Whether you suspect or come in contact with bed bugs, it’s a good idea to immediately wash all your clothing and other fabric items in hot water. Contact Rid-A-Bug for our innovative treatment that is safe and effective against bed bugs.