Bed bugs are horrendous pests. They remain unseen and breed quickly. That means just a few can turn into a terrible infestation before you even know they're present. They're such a difficult pest to eliminate that people who've suffered infestations can even develop stress disorders about them. Getting rid of bed bugs quickly is a must.

Bed bugs feed on blood and come out at night. The bites of a single bed bug will itch, but it's the sheer number of bed bugs that will overwhelm you. You can wake up with their body covered in their bites. To them, you're a buffet.

Bed bugs are tiny and don't come out when there's any light. They hide in wall voids, under bed frames, in dressers or cracks in walls and molding. This all means that it can be very difficult to identify an infestation until there are so many bed bugs that it's undeniable.

Most bed bugs will stay close to the bed – where they can get at you at night. They won't typically disperse widely around the house. Being so small and slow means they need to stay close to their meal source – this means where any human in the home sleeps. They can feed on pets, but will much prefer humans.

Bed bugs don't randomly infest a home. They're usually carried back from an infested area. If you stay at a hotel that has an infestation, some bed bugs will get into your clothes and luggage while looking for a place to hide. You'll carry them back with you, they'll relocate to a bedroom, and then they just start feeding on you and breeding.

Making this worse yet, bed bugs can survive pretty extreme temperatures for a sustained period of time. That means a hot cycle in the wash and dryer won't kill them. A few hot dry cycles in a row may, but this is also a good way to ruin clothes.

It's often a good idea to check the corners and under the bed frame of a new hotel room thoroughly. You might also think twice before claiming upholstered furniture that's up for grabs, especially if you don't know the person who's offering it or the state of their home.

Some pests you can get rid of on your own, but getting rid of bed bugs is something that requires professional pest extermination help. They are one of the most reviled and feared pests because of their tenacity and number. Bed bug extermination requires multiple treatments and inspections to assure that they're out of your home.

People who suffer infestations will often start to have trouble sleeping because of the bites, and can even suffer insomnia and bed bug-related anxiety even after the problem is solved. Address a bed bug infestation as quickly as possible. Any delay simply allows the problem to get that much worse. 

Call Rid-a-Bug today; we will help you rid your home of these most unwelcome guests - safely, effectively - so you can get a good night’s rest.